Video: DIY Eggshell Terrariums with Succulents

August 23, 2018


How to DIY a eggshell terrarium! | M Loves M @marmar

Lately I’ve been so into plants and gardening. It’s a new hobby that makes me feel so accomplished, especially when I learn the right way to take care of my plants. Plus, a little greenery makes our house feel so much more like a home.

I forgot that I shot this video the other year and totally misplaced it. I’m so happy to share it with you today though because it shows how you can make eggshell terrariums with succulents. This craft is a great way to use up some eggshells and make them into something beautiful and more sustainable. We made ours into a tablescape outside and I loved how it looked for outdoor entertaining. I’m thinking this would be a really fun craft with Augustine too because it could not be easier! I feel like it hardly needs a tutorial but I’ve included one below.

How to DIY a eggshell terrarium! | M Loves M @marmar How to DIY a eggshell terrarium! | M Loves M @marmar


DIY Eggshell Terrariums with Succulents


12 Eggshells

Regular Egg Carton, cut in half

Potting soil- about 1 cup

Mini succulent plants, assorted styles


Prepare your eggshells. Crack the eggs at the top and remove the bits of pieces of eggshell just enough to get the egg out. Save the egg for an omelet! Rinse the eggshells with water.

Add a few tablespoons of potting soil to each eggshell.

Cut succulents and arrange into eggshells. Make sure bottoms are resting in the soil. Have fun and be creative. Add more soil to completely cover all sides and place in paper or ceramic eggshell carton.


Care is very minimal! You can mist occasionally with water but they almost thrive on neglect. We kept ours outside in bright but indirect sunlight.

This would be a really fun craft idea next year at Easter too! I just couldn’t wait any longer to share this video! I hope you all like it. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more!