Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For the Little Ones

February 6, 2019


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This is the first year that I’ll be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my little girl, even if she is still in my belly! Because I’m planning to do a few special things for both our children {can’t believe we’ll have two soon!}, I wanted to share two gift guides. One for little girls and one for little boys. But really, aside from a few clothing options, most of these gifts can work for either! Let’s face it, there were just too many cute styles to choose from, so I had to make two gift guides. I mean, I just shared my favorite girly bows, shoes, and outfits, but there are so many adorable options out there. Target and Old Navy both had the sweetest Valentine’s Day gift options for kids at affordable prices. Augustine LOVES his wagon, so I thought if your tot didn’t already have one, it would be a fun surprise for Valentine’s Day. Especially if it had some toys {like this cuddly elephant!} or treats inside.

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Of course, Augustine is the one who will really be able to enjoy Valentine’s Day this year. He had so much fun helping me decorate and bake for Christmas, that I know he’ll enjoy this holiday too. One of my sweet readers {hi Sandra!} sent him this Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse book last year and it’s still one of his favorites. I’m thinking I’ll probably grab him this V-Day themed book this year, too! He loves trucks, so similar to the wagon idea, I thought I could put a few little fun Valentine card making goodies in the back of this truck for him to play with. He’s been obsessed with playing with my planner stickers lately, so I think he will love to decorate cards with stickers too. I also thought I would throw up a few cute decorations like these balloons or this heart banner to make it feel really festive for him!


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I already rounded up some of my favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for men here, but keep an eye out later this week for my favorite gift ideas for all the lovely ladies in your life! Nordstrom has really great gift ideas for kids, but I also found tons of cute styles on Etsy! What are you getting your favorite little ones this year for Valentine’s Day??


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