5 Steps to the Perfect Beach Outfit

June 27, 2019


This is the perfect beach outfit! - M Loves M

One of the benefits of living in Orange County {check out my favorite OC summer activities here!} is that we have plenty of great beaches to go to! It’s not uncommon for us to go to lunch or to get coffee near before or after a beach trip. So I thought it was about time I stepped up my game and found the perfect beach outfit! That way I can go straight from the sand to brunch if I want to!

Such an easy and cute beach outfit for moms! - M Loves M Love this net tote for the beach or grocery shopping! - M Loves M Love this summer beach outfit! - M Loves M A summer beach outfit that is cute and comfy! - M Loves M Love this cute beach sunhat with a black ribbon! - M Loves M The San Clemente Pier is one of my favorite summer spots! - M Loves M

5 Steps to the Perfect Beach Outfit


top . shorts . sandals {similar more affordable option!} . coin necklace . pendant necklace . bag . lipstick in Rebound .

After a little trial and error I found a formula I love for the perfect beach outfit!

  1. Comfy sandals. Can we all just admit that rubber flip flops are the worst?? They aren’t comfortable to wear for more than 30 seconds, aren’t that cute, and don’t look appropriate anywhere other than the beach or pool. I try to stick with slightly dressier sandals that can be worn in my daily life as well as to the beach. Old Navy has a bunch of great sandals on sale for under $20 right now. Some as low as $10! If they get destroyed after a summer, it’s not the end of the world since they weren’t a splurge style!
  2. A bag that doesn’t trap sand. There is nothing worse than when a ton of sand collects in your beach bag. Yes you can always dump out a tote bag. But until you do, everything in the bag is getting sandy. And sand scratches up phones and sunglasses! I love that netted bags like this one allow any sand to fall out! Plus they are so trendy right now that it’s a cute option for shopping or dining afterwards!
  3. Sun protection. And lots of it! Big hats are a really effective form of sun protection and happen to look pretty darn cute. Here’s a really great floppy sun hat for only $14! And you can’t forget sunglasses of course! This $12 pack comes with two super pretty rose hued pairs of sunglasses. What a deal!
  4. Shorts. Classic denim shorts to be more specific! Denim shorts are key at the beach because if your swimsuit is still a little wet when you get dressed, you won’t soak through the shorts immediately! A white cotton pair is cute but will be see-through instantly. Not a good look if you want to stop at the grocery store on the way home lol! I found another great pair of denim shorts for only $16! The frayed edge on these shorts are such a fun touch!
  5. Tank top. A frilly tank instantly makes a beach outfit look more glamorous! A t-shirt will do the trick, but again I was looking to up my game a little with a bit of a style statement. This ruffled peplum top is easy to throw over a swimsuit, but also dressy enough to wear any day of the week!


What do you prefer to wear to the beach? I’d also love to know what’s in your beach bag! I shared my go-to’s awhile ago, but it is definitely time for an upgrade!


photos by Vanessa Lentine