June Beauty: Skincare Favorites

June 5, 2019

My top skincare favorites! - M Loves M

I’ve tried a lot of beauty products over the years. I still haven’t perfected my routine, but I do have a few go-to skincare faves. I know what products I need and what are more fun than actual necessity. This month I focused on only trying types of products that I’ve loved in the past to see if I can find some new favorites that work even better. Wish me luck!

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June Beauty: Skincare Favorites

Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Brightening Eye Cream

This Korres eye cream is a brightening and moisturizing cream that hydrates and soothes the under eyes. Made with Vitamin C and Wild Rose Oil, the two act together to correct uneven skin tone while plumping, moisturizing, and de-puffing the eyes. This product sounds perfect for a tired mama like me!

Biossance Squalane and Vitamin C Rose Oil

This Biossance face oil is supposed to be an amazing product for firming, brightening, and correcting uneven skin tone. I’ve used their original oil before so I’m really excited to try this new one. It’s infused with Squalane, Vitamin C, and Rose Oil, which all promote hydration, radiance, and firmness in the skin. This face oil is very lightweight so I’m going to try using it under makeup for a real glow!

Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream

This cream is designed for those with weather-damaged, dry, or sensitive skin. My skin has always reacted well to rosehip oil, so I’m optimistic this will work for me!

Glossier Rose Face Mist

After trying this watermelon face mist in April, I wanted to try another product that pampered my skin the same way {minus the super sweet scent}, so I found the Glossier Rose Face Mist. This mist is perfect on-the-go, as you can use it as midday pick-me-up, after a workout, or if you just feel like it! It also fits perfectly in any purse or bag, so it seems ideal for mid-day or travel refreshes.

PMD Clean Pro Cleansing Device

I’ve been so curious to try this tool! It is a gentle yet powerful cleansing device that deeply cleanses the skin of all impurities, while firming and toning the problem areas of the skin. It is made of gentle, ultra-hygienic silicone bristles, which make it antibacterial and hypoallergenic as well. There are four customizable cleansing modes, too, which I think is interesting!

May Beauty: Crystal Clear Skin

Glow Recipe Pineapple-C Brightening Serum

Right off the bat, I was not a fan of this serum’s scent. Personally, I don’t love the smell of canned pineapple and that is exactly what this reminded me of. Very sweet! I did get used to the smell though and I appreciated how quickly it absorbed into my skin. There’s hyaluronic acid in here too which helped my skin look a lot clearer and brighter. I felt like I could actually go makeup free a lot this month and I’m thinking it might be because of this serum.

KORRES Wild Rose Makeup Melter Cleansing Oil

Such a good cleansing oil! I love how it smells and how there are rose petals inside. I really like using an oil to remove my makeup {feels more gentle} and then following it up with a cleanser. This oil did a great job removing my makeup too!

Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Crème

This is definitely a perfumey face cream so that is something to note! It’s very thick and luxurious feeling though and it became a product I really enjoyed putting on at night. Felt like a perfect final step! My skin has looked really great this past month and I think this cream has definitely helped!

Peace Out Microneedling Dark Spot Brightening Dots

This was a really fun product to check out but I feel like it’s a little expensive for what you get. Personally, I have a lot of hyperpigmentation so I could easily use one whole sheet of the dots on my face each time. If I only had a few spots to target, I think this product would go a long way and I’d be more curious to see the results. I did feel the microneedling effect when putting the dots on though and they did look a tad lighter to me but not enough for me to continue buying. My spots might just need the real deal microneedling treatment. If any of you have tried this before, let me know what your experience was like!

Arcona Cranberry Toner

I’m such a fan of Arcona and this toner is amazing! I love how it smells {reminds me of getting facials in their salon}, and I felt like it really left my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. There are a lot of antioxidants in this toner, too, so that’s an extra skin benefit!

What are your skincare favorites??

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