I’m Polkadot Crazy!

June 6, 2019


A red dress with polkadots! - M Loves M

I have to address the elephant in the room! As I am sure you’ve all noticed by now…I’m obsessed with polkadots! I realized after picking up this red dress that I had been wearing polkadots nonstop all spring. And I have no intentions of stopping this summer!

A red Old Navy dress! - M Loves M A cute green Reformation skirt! A cute green midi skirt! - M Loves M The cutest black party dress! - M Loves M A fun black polkadot dress! - M Loves M



red dress . red shoes . black dress . similar black shoes . black and pink bag . coin necklace . green skirt {it’s selling out quickly!} . bow sandals . straw bag . black sunglasses .

I think it’s time to face the dots.. I mean facts. I’ve always loved polkadots and I probably already will. Luckily it’s a classic print that I suspect won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Just look how many great polkadot styles I’ve found recently!

Alongside my new very affordable red dress from Old Navy, I’ve been loving this black dress that is perfect for date night or parties {you can see more photos of how I styled this dress here!}. For a more casual look, I’ve been having fun wearing this green midi skirt!

Even though it is a timeless print worth investing in, I wanted to make sure that anyone who loves polkadots as much as I do, can shop the look. Which is why I did a deep online shopping dive {a tough job but someone had to do it lol!} and found so many great styles under $50! Of course this is just a sample. I always think ASOS has great prices and so does Abercrombie and Fitch. Both of which have TONS of polkadot styles available.

I actually found a dress on ASOS that is so similar to this dress I wore last year. That dress sold out crazy fast, so I’m happy to see you can now get your hands on an almost identical version! Sizes are going fast, though, probably because it’s on sale for only $36!!

I also would not mind getting my hands on a cute polkadot bikini! {Sorry if I just got a certain song stuck in your head, it’s been running through mine all day!} I found this really cute polkadot bikini that is under $40. It even comes in yellow, just like the song! ICYMI, I rounded up my favorite swimsuit trends last week!


Are you bored of polkadot or always wanting more like me?! I really love these new abstract dot prints that have been popping up lately. But hey, the traditional print is a classic for a reason!


photos by Vanessa Lentine