Things I Want to Do for Myself This Summer

June 3, 2019


My summer to do list! - M Loves M

June is here and while on the one hand, I don’t know where the first half of the year went, I’m so happy that it’s my favorite month! June might also happen to be my birthday month so maybe that’s part of it! I love the start of summer though and while there are lots of things I want to do as a family, there are also several things  I want to do for myself. Having a toddler and a newborn doesn’t leave that much time for “me time,” but I know it’s still just as important. When my emotional tank is running on empty I can’t be the mother, wife, sister, friend that I want to be. This list will definitely be something I turn to frequently.

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Things I Want to Do for Myself This Summer


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  1. Create a workout routine that fits into my life – I’ve been trying to workout when I can coordinate Augustine’s and Corinna’s naps and it’s been so nice to have that time for myself. On the days where I don’t run on the elliptical, I actually miss it. Whether it’s fitting in a nap workout or a quick routine when Augustine is playing outside, I hope exercise plays a bigger role in my life. I did a Stroller Strides workout with Corinna the other week and that’s another option but I’m just not sure if Augustine would be ok sitting in the stroller the whole time. We’ll see though because I do love the idea of working out with both of them there. We could play at the park right after so maybe that would tempt Augustine.
  2. Find some healthy & quick go-to summer recipes – Cooking is probably my favorite hobby and I really enjoy spending time in the kitchen. With Matthew going back to work, I won’t have quite as much time to spend making meals, so I’ll be looking for recipes that are fast but hopefully just as delicious. I’ll definitely be checking out my Pinterest board for inspiration.
  3. Enjoy spending more time outside- We’ve had a long winter in SoCal and, even though I love the rain, I’m looking forward to more Vitamin D in the sun. Matthew built the most beautiful wood table for our backyard and once we find some guys to help move it outside, I’m going to love eating meals out there. Even drinking my coffee outside in the sun would be a great way to start the day!
  4. Try some new restaurants in Orange County – One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is try a new coffee shop or restaurant. There are so many new spots opening up that I can’t wait to try – with the family or without! Here are some of my favorite OC coffee shops and LA coffee shops if you’re interested!
  5. Plant some more flowers in our front yard and learn to take care of them- I joke that I have a black thumb because I don’t often have the best luck with plants. Matthew has been working on our vegetable garden though and it’s inspiring me to do some planting of my own. I’m hoping to find some good shade-friendly plants for our front yard that I can grow and take care of.
  6. Read. I miss reading so much and it’s definitely been a hobby I’ve put on the backburner. I couldn’t wait to get the latest Tana French book a few months ago but I haven’t even opened it up yet. Hopefully, with Corinna’s bedtime becoming more regular, I’ll be able to carve out some of my evening time for reading. Are there any books you’ve loved recently? Let me know in the comments!
  7. Evening walks- Whenever I go on walks in the evenings I always feel so rejuvenated. It’s one of my favorite ways to end the day, plus I get lots of garden inspiration from our neighbors.
  8. Connect with more moms- I’ve really enjoyed being in my Mommy & Me group with Corinna and I’m sad the last class is this Friday. It’s been such a great way to connect with other moms and chat about the various stages and challenges. Being in that group though made me realize how much I want Augustine to have more local friends, and I want more moms to talk to about the toddler years! I’m hoping I can meet some mom friends this summer that will have kids that Augustine can play with too. It would be a win-win for both of us!
  9. Go to church- I’ll be honest, it’s been hard to go to church with Augustine and Corinna. We did it twice the past month though and I can’t tell you how happy it made me. Listening to the stories, singing the songs, and being surrounded by other people who believe is so moving.  I always feel so uplifted connecting with my faith so going to church is definitely a priority.
  10. Play– This summer I want to embrace my inner child. While I try to play with Augustine whenever I can, I really want to play for me as well. I want to be silly, laugh, make up stories and games. So often I think about what I “should” be doing- usually the laundry or cleaning, but instead, I should do what makes me happy. I want to join in with Augustine’s games – run with him, fly kites together,  go swimming, build forts, and create big construction sites our of dirt. Childhood went by too fast but I feel like I have this gift to be able to experience it again with Augustine and Corinna.


I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! Let me know in the comments if there’s anything you’re wanting to do for yourself this summer.


photos by Vanessa Lentine

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