The Best Deals of Amazon Prime Day

July 15, 2019


The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals - M Loves M @marmar

Amazon Prime Day is here! This is the best 2-day sale to shop great home items and electronics for the family! I look forward to this sale very year because they have such great deals on some highly favorited Amazon products! I’ve compiled a list of some of the best deals from Amazon Prime day and what I’ll be purchasing. Keep reading to find out!

The Best Deals of Amazon Prime Day

Electronics for the Home 

Vitamix – Originally $269, now $179! We love our Vitamix! It is by far the best blender we’ve had so I can definitely say it’s worth it. I use it for making smoothies and homemade almond milk on a daily/weekly basis!

Instant Pot – Originally $129, now $55! The Instant Pot is a must-have for any home. It makes cooking so easy and effortless. I got mine for my birthday last year and used it so much in the fall and winter. Also, it makes the BEST hard boiled eggs! Seriously!

Ring Video Doorbell – Originally $99, now $69! The Ring Video Doorbell makes home security so easy. You can watch and respond to anyone who comes to your door, all from your phone. Even when we’re out of the house, it makes me feel so much more at ease knowing I can see what is going on outside our home.

Kindle Paperwhite – Originally $129, now $84! I’m such a bookworm, and I love the Kindle for reading. All my books are on one tablet, and I can take it anywhere with me, whereas it’s hard to take multiple books everywhere. Here’s my summer reading list!

Wireless Headphones – Originally $199, now $89! I love wireless over-the-ear headphones because they’re a lot more comfortable than earbuds, which can start to hurt after a while. This is especially a great purchase for anyone who likes to listen to music while working out or running. It would make a great gift for those hard to shop for guys as well!

Echo Dot – Originally $49, now $22! The Echo Dot is such a great home item and I have several friends who love theirs. You can use it to listen to music, get weather information, or even call someone.

Roomba Vacuum – Originally $374, now $229! The Roomba is so great if you don’t always have the time to vacuum and clean every day! It seriously just does it for you! How great is that? We have had ours for years and Augustine went through a phase where he was obsessed with it too!

iPhone Portable Charger – Originally $17, now $15! I would recommend a portable charger to anyone, especially if you do a lot of traveling. It’s cheap and makes life so much easier! Especially on a long day of errands and running around, I never have to worry about my phone dying!

Beauty Items 

Clarisonic – Originally $99, now $84! I love love love my Clarisonic! I’ve seen such an improvement in my skin since using the Clarisonic, and now I can never go back! Highly recommend this one!

Mario Badescu Toner – Originally $25, now $14! This is a great everyday toner! It gives your skin such a clean and fresh start for the day!

Supergoop Sunscreen – Originally $28, now $20. Supergoop has a great all-natural sunscreen! This one is a lotion SPF 40, and it’s also easy to carry throughout the day, whether it’s in a purse or a beach bag.

Hot Tools Curling Iron – Originally $49, now $29! This is a great, tried-and-true curling iron. You can’t go wrong with this one! I especially love curling my hair, so I would definitely recommend this product! It’s my favorite affordable iron hands down!

Lighted Makeup Mirror – Originally $29, now $21! I love a makeup mirror with a built-in light. It makes applying makeup so much more clear, and I can really see what I’m doing!

Crest White Strips– These are the best for at-home teeth whitening! They just work so well. I can’t believe what a good deal they are during this sale!

Baby Items

Chicco Car Seat – Originally $299, now $240! We love this carseat and have used it for a while now! This is one of my top picks for carseats for the kiddos!

Portable White Noise Machine – Originally $19, now $5! This is such a great deal!! This white noise machine comes with three soothing sounds to put the babies to sleep!

Stroller Organizer – Originally $23, now $19! I love this Skip Hop stroller organizer! It sits perfectly on the handles of the stroller, and makes life so much easier!

Baby Gate – Originally $56, now $46! A baby gate is an essential for a home filled with babies and toddlers! We have baby gates all around the house, and they are so useful, even for keeping our dog Ginger out of the kitchen!

What are you purchasing from the Prime Day Sale? Let me know!