Affordable Coin Necklaces For Any Budget

August 12, 2019


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Affordable Coin Necklaces For Any Budget

This summer, affordable coin necklaces have been so popular, and for good reason! Coin necklaces really pull a cute summer outfit together. Whether it’s gold or silver, I can’t get enough of them! They seriously go with anything, a dress, casual tee and jeans, or even with a swimsuit for a chic poolside look. I’ve been wearing this coin necklace all summer {see proof here!} and I can’t get over how affordable it is! Under $50 for a good piece of jewelry is a win in my book! It is plated with 18k gold which I always appreciate. Plated gold pieces are less expensive than pure gold, but still have quite a bit of lasting power. Pure gold pieces won’t tarnish as easy {although I’ve never had a good quality gold plated piece tarnish}, but on the flip side gold is very malleable. A delicate gold chain or other small piece is more likely to snap or bend. Both styles have their benefits.

I scoured all my favorite brands and found some super cute affordable coin necklaces for you guys to shop!  All of the necklaces above are under $100, except this one which is $110. I really love that it is both silver and gold so it would be so easy to layer with other necklaces.

Gold is SO popular right now, so I had to do some digging for silver options. But I know some of you prefer that! I found a super inexpensive silver coin necklace in case you’re strictly a silver type of girl! If you want something a little more unique, this style from Etsy is one-of-a-kind and beautiful with it’s colored stone detail.

To make a bigger statement you could pick a necklace with a chunkier chain like this one that is under $50! Or this cool, v-shaped chain! Let me know if you prefer dainty styles or more statement pieces in the comments! For a really delicate style, I love this style from Nordstrom.


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Is this a trend you can get behind? Honestly I’ve loved these necklaces my whole life so it doesn’t feel like a trend to me! I’m just glad more people are on board with them now!