Corinna’s 6 Month Update

August 27, 2019


My baby's 6 month update! - M Loves M @marmar

I’m in utter disbelief that Corinna is SIX MONTHS OLD! I mean, really?! That’s half a year. That means we’re halfway to her first birthday. Time has seriously flown by because it feels more like 3 or 4 months. It’s definitely true what they say, the time goes by even faster with a second child. I wanted to share an update for Corinna’s half birthday especially since I know some of you have babies around the same age.

My baby's 6 month update! - M Loves M @marmarMy baby's six month progress! - M Loves M @marmar

Corinna’s 6 Month Update


This will need to be updated because we actually haven’t had our 6 month pediatrician appointment yet. The last time we weighed her was July 27th and Corinna was 16 lb and 4 oz. She’s definitely growing!


Oh this little girly has the best temperament! I feel like we got so lucky. She is so chill and easy going. She loves to bounce around and watch Augustine and laugh, and she rarely cries. And when she does cry it’s softer than Augustine’s cry was. So interesting, right?! I love how “go with the flow” Corinna is, too. She’s totally content in her carseat, being at the park, or hanging out on the playmat. I also find it really interesting that she’s only cried once in the bathtub, and that was when she was hungry. She loves the water – maybe because she was born in it!

My baby's six month update! - M Loves M @marmar My baby's six month update! - M Loves M @marmar


Since her last update Corinna has been rolling back to front, and front to back. She is incredibly strong and can also push all the way up with her arms extended. I have a feeling she’ll be an early crawler, and probably walker too. Even now, I can’t take my eyes off her because she’ll roll herself all around the living room. She prefers to be on her belly but instead of propping herself up on her arms (like Augustine did), she’ll Superman her arms back. Girl has some major core strength!

While I know Corinna can have solids at 6 months, I’m waiting until she’s able to sit up on her own before giving her any food. I just feel sitting up is a very important factor for proper digestion so there’s no harm in waiting. Pediatricians say breastmilk is still the most important source of nutrition for the first year so I’m holding off until that milestone of sitting up unassisted is met. This girl has a strong core from all her pushups so I don’t think it will be too far away! We’re planning on avocado being her first food since it’s very nutritious and high in omega 3 fatty acids. Plus it’s an easy one since it’s so mushy!

I can’t forget to mention her TEETH! Little girly has TWO of her teeth in! One of the bottom teeth popped through two weeks ago and last week one of her top teeth came in as well. I was shocked because the typical order is the bottom two teeth and then the top two teeth. It’s so cute seeing her one little upper tooth peeking out, though!


I think Augustine might be her biggest like! She LOVES watching everything Augustine does. He is so sweet with her and will come over to give her hugs, ask to hold her and show her his toys. She’s just fascinated by him and I love that he’s already giving her some good entertainment.

Corinna also loves her Sophie the Giraffe teether, her Baby Bjorn bouncer, and just being held. I put her in one of the baby carriers in the afternoons and she’s very content just walking around and looking at everything. This carrier has been my favorite for going on our neighborhood walks, but I’ll also use it at the park and grocery store since it’s so secure. Corinna has started to become more aware of Ginger lately and she’ll just crack up watching her run around.

My baby's six month personality traits! - M Loves M @marmar


She’s a good eater! About a month ago I moved from feeding her every 3 hours to every 4 and I think it’s worked out really well for us, and helped with her nap schedule too! She ends up eating for longer periods every 4 hours then she did when it was every 3, so I know she’s still getting just as much milk.


Sleep isn’t perfect but it’s not as bad as it was with Augustine so I can’t really complain! I started working with a sleep consultant, Kate from Bumble Baby, and it’s been so helpful to get her input and suggestions. Kate was also the one that suggested lengthening the feeding schedule a bit. She was able to come up with an ideal schedule for Augustine and Corinna and I think it has helped so much! Sometimes you just need that 1:1 analysis, and someone to ask all the random sleep questions too! I’m thinking that maybe Corinna wants to drop her third nap though so that’s my next question for Kate. Right now Corinna is waking up around 6:15-6:30am and she’ll go down for her first nap around 9am and the second one around 1pm. The last nap just ends up being so close to her 7pm bedtime so when she fights it I don’t know if it’s worth it to keep trying. I’ll have to see what Kate says! Corinna has nights where she sleeps all the way through to morning but usually she’ll wake up once. Corinna is such a good sleeper in general but she’s been waking up a little more often over the past week which makes me think teething is to blame. Poor girly!

My baby's six month photos! - M Loves M @marmar My baby's 6 month update photoshoot! - M Loves M @marmar


There haven’t been a ton of favorite products lately since Corinna is still so young, but like I mentioned Sophie, our bouncer, and this carrier have been daily must-haves. We have a Gathre mat that we lay on outside which is a fun way to spend the afternoon. Clothing-wise, I love brands like Monica and Andy, Jamie Kay, Splendid, and this cute bubble onesie from Rylee & Cru is another fave. We got this onesie and the shoes and bow actually from one of our favorite baby gifts, a Bonjour Baby Basket. It was a custom basket with handpicked items from different independent brands. I loved the seagull onesie, these cute shoes from a French brand, and of course the headband! There was also a rubber teether in the basket, along with some baby shampoo and lotion. If you need a good gift idea I loved this basket so much!! I actually still use the basket it came in to store her other bows and headbands.

I’ve been using the Bravo For 2 stroller lately but I did just get the Nuna Demi Grow since I’ve been such a fan of all the Nuna products (and those are the car seats we’ve used). I’ve been using this diaper backpack and I love how much storage it has!


While life is a little hectic right now, I feel so incredibly lucky to be a mother to Augustine and Corinna. I do struggle with feeling like I need to give quality time to each of them, though. Luckily with Corinna’s nap schedule I still feel like I have a good amount of time with Augustine 1:1 but I do feel bad that Corinna doesn’t get the same attention that Augustine had when he was her age. But all I have to do is see them interact to know that the biggest blessing is them having each other as siblings. Seeing Augustine engage Corinna and her smile and laugh back at him makes me so so happy that she is here. She’s a gift to us all, but especially Augustine. Siblings are one of a kind – they go with you through every stage of life. I already know these two will be BFFs and that gives me a lot of peace and happiness!

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