What I Recommend All My Friends Register for When Having a Baby

September 13, 2019


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What I Recommend All My Friends Register for When Having a Baby

When I was a brand spanking new mom, I read everything I could get my hands on to help me prepare for Augustine’s arrival. And while doing your due diligence is great, I found one of the best places for advice was to talk to other moms. They always have the most helpful, and realistic, advice and insight. Now when my friends have their first baby, I always try to help with their registries. The last thing you need when you bring a new baby home is a bunch of clutter from unnecessary {and expensive!} baby items! One of my best friends Hanna is pregnant and we got to talking about what I think she should register for. These are the items that I think are new baby must haves, and since I shared them with her, I thought I’d share them with you too!

Sophie the Giraffe Teether

Corinna is teething right now and this teether brings her so much relief! I try to keep it on hands at all times. Augustine loved it too and Sophie is pretty famous for being a teething lifesaver! Your baby will start teething before you know it, and it will be nice to have Sophie on hand for when they do. I think the thing babies love most about Sophie is that they can grab her pretty easily and find lots of different areas to chew on! It all taste the same but probably feels a little different!

Bottle Soap

New parents have a lot to worry about, but they shouldn’t have to worry about what chemicals are in the dish soap that washes their baby’s diaper. I recommend registering for essentials like this that aren’t as exciting as clothes or toys. But trust me, no mom will regret registering for a few bottles of this soap! I especially love how well this soap cleans bottles- it honestly makes the plastic and glass so clean and sparkly. I notice a big difference when I use this soap versus other ones that don’t really clean of the milk residue.

Nursing Pillow

Anything that makes breast feeding easier and more comfortable is a win in my book! I’ve used this pillow for the past 6 months, and also with Augustine. It helps bring the babies up a little bit higher which is especially important when they’re so small. When they’re at the right angle, they can get a proper latch so it’s a win-win for both of you!

Infant & Toddler Car Seat

In case you hadn’t heard already, babies are crazy expensive! Which is why I always recommend baby gear that can grow with your baby. This carseat converts and works for both babies and toddlers.

BabyBjorn Bouncer

When you need to be hands-free and step away from baby, you can safely strap them into a BabyBjorn bouncer. Not only will they have some independent time while awake {in a safe way!} but they love rocking back and forth! Corinna seriously gets so happy when she is in hers.

Baby Food Maker

I honestly think it can be easier {and cheaper!} to make baby food at home with healthy ingredients we have on hand. This baby food maker is easy to use and keep clean. As a bonus, you know exactly what is in your baby’s food, so it’s healthier too! I had a lot of fun using this baby food maker with Augustine and I can’t wait to bring it out with Corinna.

Baby Carrier

I use this baby carrier with Corinna every single day. And not just when we are out and about, but when we are home too. It’s hard balancing a baby, toddler, keeping a home, and working with a baby attached to your hip. This carrier makes my life a lot easier! I highly recommend a baby carrier!

Baby Bottles

In the middle of the night when you need to quickly pull together a bottle, you won’t be sorry you have a few extra bottles on hand. We’ve used a lot of bottles but I always go back to these from Comotomo. The material is nice and squishy so maybe it feels familiar to the baby lol!


I was reading the other day that a lifetime usage of diapers for one child costs around $2,000. Ouch. Register for allll the diapers. Your bank account will thank you. I use the Pampers Pure Diapers because they’re a cleaner option and they hold it ALL in. Trust me!

Diaper Backpack

I prefer diaper backpacks to more traditional diaper bags. They are so much more comfortable and are easier to carry around if you have a baby in your arms. This one is so cute for fall with the floral print!


They stain. Enough said. Get some basic white onesies for nighttime and you’ll be glad you did!

Jogging Stroller

This was a stroller everyone told me I should get! My sister-in-law told me that it was her favorite of all the strollers because of how easy it was to operate and maneuver. While it’s technically a jogging stroller, most moms will use it as their day to day stroller. Right after my sister-in-law told me about it, I saw three moms at the same restaurant pushing it around. I even asked one of them how she liked it and she said she loved it so much! I didn’t end up getting it because I already had another one but I still have my eye on it!

Bottle Drying Rack

Babies sure do make a mess! I swear by this drying rack for helping our bottles dry faster after hand washing and for keeping our kitchen tidy.

Night Light & Sound Machine

I love that this night light is also a sound machine, and a time to wake alert! You can program the colors, sounds and brightness all from your phone which makes it even easier. When they’re a baby, you can use the sound machine for white noise and a nightlight during middle of the night feelings. When they are a little bigger you can use the nightlight or program the colors so that they know when to wake up. I think this would have been SO handy with Augustine especially when he was going through that wake up at 4:30am phase!

Docking Station

Corinna slept in her DockATot a ton when she came home! It was so easy to move around the house. She could sleep in our bed in it or we could put it in her crib. It’s so comfortable for them and feels very womb-like.

Baby Bowl + Spoon

This may look like your average bowl, but it is not! Once you set this bowl down on a hard surface, the suction cup helps it stick to that surface. Which means it can’t go flying if baby gets a bit active during feedings. That will happen. You’ve been warned!

Portable Playard with Bassinet

Corinna isn’t crawling yet, but having a good playard was a lifesaver with Augustine. As much as you love watching them crawl, sometimes you need them to stay in one spot lol! I love this style because it opens and closes in one step. Plus, it is ideal for travel as it has an all-in-one care station that includes a removable bassinet and changing station. It comes with a convenient travel bag too!


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