Preppy Style For Fall

September 16, 2019


Even though I haven’t been in school for what feels like ages, every fall I get that back to school itch! I can’t believe there was ever a time where I wasn’t excited for back to school. Now I would love to hit the books in a fresh fall wardrobe. Even though I’m not in school, I’m always inspired by preppy style. Who doesn’t love that east coast preppy school vibe?! It’s so classic and perfect this time of year!

I love preppy style! - M Loves M @marmar A cute suede Abercrombie & Fitch dress! - M Loves M @marmar I love preppy style! - M Loves M @marmar A cute suede Abercrombie & Fitch dress! - M Loves M @marmar I love preppy style! - M Loves M @marmar A cute suede Abercrombie & Fitch dress! - M Loves M @marmar

Preppy Style For Fall


dress {under $100!} . turtleneck . loafers {definitely runs large. size down by 1/2 size} . bag {also here} . similar watch .

Even though it might not be the biggest trend right now, preppy style just works for me! I don’t know about you guys but some of the trends that are sooo popular on Instagram, just aren’t wearable in real life. Don’t get me wrong, those girls in crop tops and dresses with high slits look amazing! I just don’t know how practical those outfits are for real life- at least for my real life. Preppy style on the other hand is so practical. You can easily use classic preppy styles to dress up an outfit for work or dress them down for the weekend. Take these loafers for example. Super comfortable! As you can see in this photo, I wore them shopping at one of our outdoor malls. But you could totally wear them to work too! BTW they do run large so I’d recommend sizing down by a 1/2 size if you’re interested!

Another piece I can’t believe is so comfortable is this faux suede dress! I mentioned in this post {I wore a faux suede skirt!} last week that faux suede is generally more comfortable and practical than real suede in my opinion. This dress over a turtleneck reminds me a bit of a school uniform in the best possible way. But of course, if it’s still early fall and warm out, you could wear the dress without the turtleneck underneath! Here’s another cute faux suede dress. It has less of a preppy vibe, but is under $50, and would look so chic in an office. Professional but fashion forward at the same time!

I paired this outfit with a chunky gold watch {another preppy style staple!} and a bright bag for a pop of color. But how cute would this outfit be with a purse inspired by an old fashioned book bag?? You know what other preppy style I love? Pearls! I really appreciate that designers are having more fun with pearl jewelry. This layered bracelet, for example, feels so much more modern than a traditional pearl one.


If you love preppy style as much as I do, don’t worry! I have more preppy style inspo coming your way this week!


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photos by Priscilla Frey