How I Pack My Diaper Bag for a Baby and Toddler

September 23, 2019


How I pack my diaper bag for a baby and toddler! - M Loves M @marmar

I feel like in the past few weeks we’ve finally gotten into a good rhythm and routine. My days with two kids can be a little crazy if we stay indoors all day, so I always try to make a plan to get outside and do something – whether that means we go to the park, the museum, or the library. For us, it helps to get out first thing in the morning, before Augustine’s naptime and before it gets too hot. Augustine loves going to one of our local parks and I’ll usually carry Corinna in a carrier while he plays and she sleeps. {P.S. This is the carrier I use!}. While a cute little purse might be more fun, a diaper bag packed with the necessities is an absolute must! I’ve had to slightly adjust what I bring since I’m out with two kids so I thought I would share how I pack my diaper bag for a baby and toddler. Would love to know what you mamas always have with you too!! Is there anything I’m forgetting or something that would make my life a little easier??

How I pack my diaper bag for a baby and toddler! - M Loves M @marmar A leather mom backpack! - M Loves M @marmar A leather mom backpack! - M Loves M @marmar How I pack my diaper bag for a baby and toddler! - M Loves M @marmar Baby organization tips! - M Loves M @marmar Mom balance tips! - M Loves M @marmar

How I Pack My Diaper Bag for a Baby and Toddler

DIAPER BACKPACK- I’ve been using this diaper bag lately and I love all the compartments. Plus the brown colors goes with everything, and Matthew doesn’t feel like it’s too girly if he wanted to take it out. It’s under $100 and great quality for the price!

DIAPERS FOR CORINNA – We typically use these ones for daytime and these ones at night.

WIPES- These wipes have been our go-to! Love that they have clean ingredients.

CHANGE OF CLOTHES FOR CORINNA- Blowouts happen so it’s good to be prepared!

EXTRA SHORTS FOR AUGUSTINE- Luckily no diapers for Augustine anymore but I still bring an extra pair of shorts and underwear just in case! I’m sure in a few months I won’t include this but we have it for now.

PORTABLE TOILET SEAT COVER- I’ve been bringing this portable toiler seat cover with me for when Augustine needs to go to the bathroom when we’re out and about. We haven’t had to use it yet but I like that it comes with a carrying bag and it makes using a larger toilet easier for a toddler.

HAND SANITIZER- These are nice and portable. We can have one in the diaper bag, in the car, and on the stroller.

TOYS FOR AUGUSTINE- Augustine is very content with a couple mini trucks. He has this little set and plays with them all the time. The only issue is when you misplace one, he’ll want to find it before doing anything else!

PLAYMAT – This playmat has been so great to bring on the go. I’ll admit it’s usually kept in the car, but I could fit it in my diaper bag if I needed to. The best part though is that it has a carrying strap!

NURSING COVER/BLANKET/CAR SEAT COVER- I love a multipurpose product! This nursing cover comes in handy when we’re out in public, plus I can use it as a blanket and car seat cover too.

BOOK- It’s nice to bring a book that will work for both kids. This one was a favorite with Augustine when he was younger, and now he can help read it to Corinna.

SNACKS- We get these pouches in bulk because they’re so easy to just throw in my bag before an outing. Augustine is always asking for one too!

WATER BOTTLE- Water is a must always! Gotta keep my little guy hydrated when he’s playing out in the sun. This water bottle is great and we haven’t had any issues with leaking. I’m curious to try this insulated water bottle since it looks like it can transition from infant to toddler really well. Maybe we’ll get that one for Corinna!

SUNSCREEN- We’ve liked this sunscreen a lot! I have a few mama friends who have recommened this safe sunscreen so I’m going to be trying it next. I’ll keep you all posted with what I think!


What do you moms of two bring with you? Anything I’m forgetting?


P.S. Here’s our typical weekend as a family of 4!

photos by Priscilla Frey