Our Typical Weekend as a Family of 4

September 6, 2019


Our typical weekend as a family of 4!- M Loves M @marmar

Now that Corinna is 6 months old, I feel like we’ve finally started to get into a bit of a routine around here. Gone are the days of Matthew’s paternity leave so we definitely count down to the weekends! We love when Dada is home! I so appreciate the extra hands, and of course seeing Matthew’s handsome face! Our favorite kind of weekends are ones that feel both fun and productive. We even said this before kids too! Today I thought I’d share what our typical weekend schedule is like as a family of 4.

Our typical weekend as a family of 4!- M Loves M @marmar A family portrait at the park!- M Loves M @marmar A family portrait at the park!- M Loves M @marmar Family photos at the park!- M Loves M @marmar

Our Typical Weekend as a Family of 4


6am Rise & Shine!  We usually wake up around 5:30-6am. Yep, even on the weekends. That’s life with kids for ya! One day, I hope and pray Augustine and Corinna will both like sleeping as much as their parents do! I feed Corinna, we all change into our clothes, take Ginger out, and get a quick bite to eat. Augustine still loves this morning smoothie!

8am Farmers Market. I try to go with Matthew when I can, but sometimes he’ll just go with Augustine. They have a must-buy list that includes eggs and croissants! Even though I do like to go, sometimes it’s nice to be home playing with Corinna one on one, before her naptime. I feel like she doesn’t usually get enough solo time since Augustine is usually around so I try to give that to her when I can. Then, when she’s sleeping I can get ready for the day and clean up the house a bit.

10am Park Playtime. We are morning park people, especially since the afternoons are just too uncomfortably warm. We have a favorite park that we like because it’s emptier than most and Augustine loves to run around on the grassy field. Sometimes we bring his kite too which is fun!

12pm Lunchtime. We try to eat pretty healthfully all week so that we can enjoy ourselves a bit more on the weekend. Augustine is obsessed with the Annie’s Mac & Cheese so he usually has that on Saturdays.

NAPTIME. Love this time of day, especially if both Augustine and Corinna’s naps match up. I will either workout, clean or do work. It feels nice to have the time to be a little productive and usually I’ll convince Matthew to help me!

3pm Errands. Afternoons are for errands! We’ll try to go to the grocery store if there was something we missed at the Farmers Market, do some returns, hit up Target, maybe stop for a coffee if it’s not too late, you know the drill!

5pm Playtime at Home. We like to spend time in our backyard in the afternoons since it’s not too sunny on that side of the house. We might go in our small “plunge pool,” play ball on the grass, or watch Augustine pretend to be a gardener. P.S. He’s obsessed with his mini lawnmower right now!

6pm Dinnertime for Augustine. The last month or so Matthew and I have been making separate dinners for Augustine on Saturday nights. Then, when both kids are asleep, we have a date night at home just the two of us. It’s so nice to be able to enjoy a meal together uninterrupted, not holding a baby or trying to keep a busy toddler seated. We seriously look forward to it, especially when wine and dessert are involved!

7pm Bedtime for Augustine and Corinna. We do bathtime, read stories, and turn out the lights (for Corinna it’s around 7pm and for Augustine it’s closer to 8).

8pm Dinnertime for Mama & Dada. We’ll cook together and either eat outside under the market lights or in our dining room with candles lit. Little, romantic touches like that make it feel more special and like a date night. Last weekend we had grilled bread with burrata and fresh tomatoes and it was amazing! After dinner, we usually watch a show together {like a HIMYM rerun} but I’m looking for a new show/movie we might both like to watch together. Let me know if you have any recommendations!


6am Good Morning! Wake up times are the same! So that’s always a good reminder to not stay up too late on Saturday nights, or drink too much wine!

8am Breakfast at Home. I love to make my mom’s buttermilk pancakes for breakfast. They were my favorite growing up and Matthew and Augustine now love them just as much!

10am Church. We usually go to church on Sunday mornings but to be honest, it’s been a lot harder these past few months because of Corinna’s nap schedule. It’s hit or miss if she’ll be able to fall asleep before we leave and if she doesn’t, it creates a very unhappy and vocal baby at church!

Lunch & Naptime

3pm Visit with Family. On Sundays we try to see my family or Matthew’s. They’ll either drive to us, which is always appreciated because of this stage with Corinna, or we’ll meet up somewhere. A few weekends ago we went to SteelCraft in Long Beach and got pizza and ice cream with my parents. It was a great way to explore a new-to-us spot!

7pm Bedtime for the Kiddos.

8pm Work. On Sunday evenings, you’ll most likely find me at my computer working and preparing for the upcoming week. I’ll try to do as much as I can during naptimes, but usually I’ll still have some things to do. I’ll also try to respond to Instagram DMs on Sunday nights too. I feel like I’ve been so behind lately and I need a dedicated night to try to catch up!

11pm Bedtime for Mama and Dada. I try to go to bed around 11pm, although there are definitely nights when it’s later. I like to do a facemask on Sunday nights, too! Having a skincare routine is one of my daily wellness practices and I think Sundays are a great night to take time for yourself before the start of a new week. It always makes me feel so refreshed and rejuvenated.

Of course, we’re always looking to mix up our weekends! What’re your favorite activities to do with your baby or toddler? By the way, here are some of our favorite OC activities for kids!


P.S. If you’re curious, here’s our weekday routine!

On Mara: top . shorts . wedges . diaper backpack . play mat .

On Corinna: romper

On Augustine: top and shorts . sneakers

photos by Priscilla Frey