The Tech Accessory Everyone Needs

October 17, 2019


I tried out some really cute blue light glasses! - M Loves M @marmar

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time looking at screens each day. Hey, it’s a digital world and we’re just living in it! But really, it’s pretty unavoidable, if your job revolves using a computer for multiple hours a day. I’ve definitely felt the strain on my eyes after a few focused hours, so I’ve been worried about the longterm health effects I may experience. Keep reading to learn more about the tech accessory that I’m using to help combat this! It’s one I wish I had gotten a loooong time ago!

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The Tech Accessory Everyone Needs


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I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been feeling a bit tethered to screens. I’m sure many of you can relate to always looking at social media notifications, emails, and texts that all add up throughout the day. After a long day of looking at a screen for hours on end, my eyes always feel strained and tired, especially if I start watching TV. I’ve been researching some of the effects that blue light has on our health.

It wasn’t really that big of a surprise to discover that the devices that we all look at every day can really harm our eyes and the rhythm of our bodies. All of these devices emit blue light that can be super harmful to not only our eyes but overall health. Some major effects that phones and screens can have on our bodies include macular degeneration, eyes aging faster, and interrupting our body’s natural circadian rhythm. As someone who struggles to go to bed early, I really need to be careful about how my screen time is keeping me awake. Most of these symptoms are caused by the blue light that comes from devices. I found some glasses though that are specifically designed to help block some of that damaging light.

To avoid some of these health issues, I have started wearing blue light blocking glasses that have been so helpful! Lately my eyes haven’t felt as strained or tired, and I can feel more comfortable if I have to work late at night. Not to mention, they’re pretty cute right?? I tried on a few different pairs before deciding which one to keep. Which do you like best?? I think I might be torn between this pretty pink pair and this timeless dark rim pair. They’re all so pretty it’s hard to decide! I am happy to report they were all super comfortable to wear. And I did notice my eyes felt way less tired after wearing them! It’s such a simple change, I don’t see a reason not to add blue light blocking glasses into my workday routine.


Have you tried blue light glasses yet? I’m so curious to know what you think about them!


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