January Beauty: All Natural Products

January 8, 2020

The best all natural products! - M Loves M @marmarOne of my New Year’s resolutions is to start using more clean beauty products {you can see my other plans for 2020 here!}. Which is why for this month’s beauty roundup, I’m trying some all natural products! Keep reading to see which ones I’m trying and which products I loved from last month.

The best all natural products! - M Loves M @marmar My clean skincare product reviews! - M Loves M @marmar My clean skincare product reviews! - M Loves M @marmar

January Beauty: All Natural Products

Solluna Feel Good Eye Cream 

I’ll admit, I don’t always remember to use eye cream each night, but hopefully if I find one I love in 2020, I’ll stick with it. The claims of this eye cream are pretty big, so fingers crossed it delivers. Apparently, this product will help boost collagen and minimize puffiness while softening facial lines and maintaining skin’s tone, elasticity, and moisture levels. Almost too good to be true right??

Goop G.Tox Glacial Marine Clay Body Cleanser

With the dry weather and having the heater on each night, my skin can definitely use a rich cleanser that not only cleans, but moisturizes as well. The G.Tox Glacial Marine Clay Body Cleanser by Goop is a creamy cleanser that is made with naturally derived ingredients and a blend of holistic essential oils to detoxify and purify your body. The hand-harvested glacial marine clay and moringa seed extract are used to detoxify the body while cold-pressed moringa oil and organic safflower oil replenish moisture. I am looking forward to using a more natural and moisturizing body cleanser to hydrate my skin this winter! Why should my face have all the fun?

Biossance Squalane + Tea Tree Detox Mask

With the stress of the holiday season and being sick, my skin can use some care and a face mask is just the thing. I am very excited to try this Squalane + Tea Tree Detox Mask from Biossance. I’m a big fan of so many of their products! The formula is non-drying which can be so hard to find in products that help with skin impurities such as blemishes and redness. Before applying the mask, I read over the reviews and was happily surprised by how many people had used the product, claiming that the mask had really restored their skin relatively quickly and gently. Another benefit of this mask is that it is certified clean at Sephora!

Votary Rose Geranium and Apricot Cleansing Oil

I am really interested in trying this Rose Geranium and Apricot Cleansing Oil by Votary. It can be so difficult to find ‘natural’ beauty products that actually consist of clean ingredients that I am familiar with, but I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at the ingredients of this product. There were few ingredients and I am familiar with almost all of them; sunflower oil, apricot oil, and jojoba are just a few. This brand is plant-powered and only uses vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. Each of the cleanser ingredients are used to target different areas of the skin, such as tightening, brightening, reducing skin inflammation and more. I can’t wait to add this product into my daily skincare routine.

Tammy Fender Antioxidant Crème

I was instantly drawn to the Tammy Fender Antioxidant Crème as it contains sweet orange and neroli which sounds like such a fresh and bright scent. Seems like the perfect way to begin the day! Scent aside, this cream is supposed to be packed full of nutrients which again, sounds like a great start to my daily skincare routine. Plus I can use all the moisture I can get right now.

December Beauty: Party Ready

Tan-Luze The BODY Illuminating Self-Tan Drops

I am such a fan of these self-tan drops! It’s so genius that you can just add it into your moisturizer and rub on your body. I got a very natural-looking glow and zero streaks! I’ll for sure be using this all winter long!

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

I added this setting spray on during the days where I really wanted my makeup to look amazing from start to finish. Usually I feel like by the end of the day my blush and/or highlighter isn’t as noticeable, but when I used this setting spray I felt like it lasted! I won’t use this every day but it will be something I use for special occasions! Going to test it out at a wedding in a few weeks too!

Eylure ProMagnetic Magnetic Eyeliner & Faux Mink Wispy Lash System

I really wanted to love this product but I just didn’t think it worked very well. I was able to get the lashes to stick to the magnetic eyeliner but I felt like they didn’t stay for as long as I would like, and I couldn’t get them close enough to my lash line to look natural. Maybe I’ll show you all on Stories what I mean. Leave a comment if you’d be interested! The lashes themselves are beautiful though and light as a feather. If you get them to work, I’d love to hear your tips!

Elemis Pro-Collagen Insta-Smooth Primer

Elemis is one of my favorites and I think one of the reasons is because their products always feel so luxurious and smell heavenly. I have a thing with scents and this Elemis Primer smells just like their Marine  Cream that is a longtime fave! Seriously, you all have to try that one!

R+Co Foil Frizz Plus Static Control Spray

My hair was luckily not as staticky as it usually is in December, so I ended up letting my friend Jacqueline test this one out! She has gorgeous thick and wavy hair {she also says it’s poofy haha!} and said her hair stayed much straighter using the spray. She thinks it would probably be really helpful when using a hair straightener bc you can get a lot of frizz that way too.

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