Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For You

January 29, 2020


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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For You

Hey ladies! Let’s chat about Valentine’s Day. It’s a day about love, but who says that love has to be only directed at other people? You can treat yourself to a Valentine’s Day gift or two in the name of self care. You can also send this blog post to your sweetheart as a not so subtle hint lol! Gift shopping is hard, so there’s no shame in pointing your partner in the right direction with this Valentine’s Day gift guide!

When thinking about this gift guide, I really wanted the gifts to be affordable indulgences you could utilize all year round. Like this satin pajama set, which feels so romantic and elegant, but doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day. Or this slinky silver camisole. Of course, if you are looking to splurge, I’ve never been one to turn down diamonds! This infinity band is so sophisticated and you will literally wear it for decades {it would look lovely stored in this monogram-able jewelry case}.

Stocking up on your favorite perfume or go-to candle always feels good too. For a Valentine’s Day spent at home, a fresh set of nail polish {at home mani-pedi for the win!}, unique teas, and a fancy box of chocolates sounds like the best combo ever to me. Valentine’s Day is also a great time to treat yourself to something you’ve had on your wishlist for ages. I had a slightly different mirror on my home wishlist for a while that we picked up last Black Friday, but I am so in love with these different shaped options!


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