Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For the Guys

January 28, 2020


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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For the Guys

Hey peeps! It’s your pal, ol Mateo here. Are you stressing over what to get the special man in your life for V-day? No fear, I’ll give you a few ideas. If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll know that I occasionally make an appearance to guest write these guys gift guides. You’ll notice that these posts don’t change too much. Why? Because guys are much more simple.  We like things that function well, make our lives easier, or are comfortable. And if you buy him something that you think “looks cute” from Old Navy or Target or whatever store you frequent, he’ll probably want to return it. So take my advice and get him something he’ll actually enjoy!  Here we go…

I chose this lantern because it’s incredible. My father in law got one for me and I’m obsessed. I love to get nostalgic and light up this lantern and get away from the electronic screens that will leave me blind someday.  To sit back and watch a flame flicker is a peaceful thing. It’s like a tiny taste of a campfire when you can’t get away. Simple and old school. Make sure to get some lamp oil to go with it or it won’t be as useful.

This watch is timeless. Which is literally a terrible description of a device that’s meant to tell time. If your dude needs one, great. Done.

Ditto on the tiny wallet. I have a big wallet that I normally use, but this tiny one is good for nights when I only need my ID and a credit card. For example, 10 years ago when I actually went out after 9pm. Just kidding… kind of. I actually use these when I go camping and don’t want to bring a lot of wallet, or in the rare times I wear a suit that doesn’t have the pocket space. See? Useful.

Next, ring with a ship on it. I bet your dude would wear it if he’s the type to wear a hip ring, or if he appreciates the concept of brass knuckles. Again, could be useful. Maybe you’ve been dating for like 10 years and want to give him a clue. “YES, It’s a gosh darn ring, Travis. Maybe it’s time you think about giving me one?!”  V-day is about to get wild!

Ok, next up are cufflinks. Nice to wear for fancy occasions but if he doesn’t own a shirt with french cuffs, it will be awkward.  Ice Molds are super cool. Put a giant sphere of ice in your low ball glass and feel extremely relaxed, I tell myself. It works too.   WOOOOOOL SOCKS. I can’t stress this enough. If your guy is still wearing cotton socks when he hikes, punch him!  Then say sorry and teach him the way of the wool sock Mandalorians by giving him a pair.

For the camper fellow, these sea to summit products are a game changer. They are my favorite piece of camp kitchen gear. They are lightweight and can hold hot things.

You ever wish your dude was a tiny bit musical? Get him a steel tongue drum! They are super fun and have pretty tones and anyone can play one. Look it up on youtube and thank me later!

Pocket knives come in handy. Heavy clunky ones are annoying. Lightweight ones are amazing. One of my good buddies got me this headlamp and it is awesome. And headlamps are not just good for camping. I use mine when I grill after dark, when wanting hands-free capabilities while working on something, and even Augustine likes to wear one when searching for spiders in the garage.  Beanies are comfy. They should have been named “Comfies”.  Lastly, Yeti Mugs and really anything Yeti work really well. I’m a big fan and I’m sure your guy will appreciate a cold drink staying cold or a hot one staying hot. ’nuff said.

Peace y’all & happy Valentine’s Day!

– Matthew


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