My Top Short Hair Styling Tips

February 17, 2020


Check out my top short hair styling tips! - M Loves M @marmar

Now that I’ve had a few weeks to adjust to having shorter hair, I think I have my new hair routine on lock! One of the main reasons I wanted to cut my hair shorter in the first place was to make my morning routine easier and quicker. Well that didn’t happen lol! At least not at first. But now that I’ve done some experimenting, my routine couldn’t be easier. Keep reading for my short hair styling tips!

Check out my top short hair styling tips! - M Loves M @marmar An honest review of the T3 curling iron! - M Loves M @marmar How to style a short hairstyle! - M Loves M @marmar How to style a short hairstyle! - M Loves M @marmar

My Top Short Hair Styling Tips

robe . teasing brush . curling iron {$40 off right now!} . finishing spray .

Sleep with your hair in a high pony! I’ve been doing that for the past few weeks and I feel like it makes a big difference in my curls staying in, and not having crazy morning bedhead. If you have one of those spiral hair ties, those are the best for this since they don’t crease your hair!

Use a wand! While I’ve used a clamp iron with my shorter hair, I personally have been preferring the look I’m able to achieve with the wand. It makes for a slightly messier curl and I can get closer to the root more easily!

Use less product. I can’t tell you how often I go to apply the same amount of product that I’d use on hair 7 inches longer! Don’t do it! Unless you want hair that will be majorly weighed down and oily.

Tousle of Extra Volume and Texture. I’ve been loving using a finishing spray (or even a dry shampoo – this one is my fave!} for some extra volume and texture. I feel like it makes such a big difference with shorter hair!

Air Dry as Often as You Can. I try to give my hair a break from heat as often as I can and I think with shorter hair it makes a huge difference! Since you have less hair, you want to keep it as healthy as possible!

I went into more detail in this post about why I love the following products so much, but let me tell you, they are my all-time favorite hair products. Short or long, they do the trick!

Do any of you beauty experts out there have any short hair styling tips that I need on my radar??


photos by Karli Moceri