Corinna’s Berry 1st Birthday Party

March 2, 2020


Corinna's berry 1st birthday party celebration! - M Loves M @marmar

I can’t believe Corinna is ONE!! It really was the fastest year of my life. We wanted to put together a fun little party to celebrate with family. I loved the idea of doing a berry themed party for her “berry first birthday!” Sharing some photos from our special day with Corinna!

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Corinna’s Berry 1st Birthday Party

Putting parties together is a little harder than it used to be so I really tried to keep this as simple as possible. There were a couple of things I did that helped a lot. For starters, I took the advice of so many of you and BOUGHT the cake! I absolutely love to bake but I knew it would be hard to make it while also making the other food, cleaning, decorating, and taking care of C & A. I looked into some local bakeries but ended up getting the Berry Chantilly Cake at Whole Foods and was incredibly surprised at how good it was. It tasted so incredible – like a wedding cake! I also bought this birthday decor kit from Nordstrom {major bonus points that I could pick it up same day curbside!}. I’m thinking I might have been able to make the items for half the cost, but I’m not especially fond of crafting. I like it if I have all the supplies in front of me, but going into stores searching for just what I need is not my favorite. This kit was so cute though with the birthday hat, the cake topper, and the garland!

For food, my mom made Alison Roman’s Baked Pasta with Artichokes, Greens, and Lots of Cheese {thank you Mom for helping out!!} and I made the Charlie Bird Farro Salad. I also made a squash dish but eh I’m not sure it was good enough to share. We had strawberry sparkling waters, and of course fresh strawberries.

For dessert, we had the Lace Chantilly Cake {yum!}, I made healthy gluten-free cupcakes {wanted something easy and healthy for a Smash cupcake}, and I ordered some pretty sugar cookies from The Cookie Meister in Orange County {if you’re local, mention me and she’ll give you a discount!}. The sugar cookies were definitely a highlight – I mean how cute are they?!

Corinna wasn’t a huge fan of the smash cupcake, and that’s putting it lightly. She actually took one taste of the Greek Yogurt Berry Frosting I made and started crying. And then she got it all over her hands and I was like “oops, why did I want to do this?!” I thought it would be fun but I quickly took her out and cleaned her all up!

I found Corinna’s little strawberry dress on Poshmark but how cute is this little two-piece strawberry set?! I also love this dress so much. Oh gosh, and this one! Seriously so many adorable strawberry clothes! I paired it with this red pom sweater for her that I got around the holidays.


We had the best time celebrating Corinna! Every day I just feel so incredibly blessed to be her mother. I can’t wait to continue to watch her grow, learn, and explore the world. She is such a special little one – happy, silly, and curious like her brother. I’m so happy we were able to celebrate with our families because I know this is a birthday we’ll always remember!


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