My Tried-And-True Tips for Working From Home With Kids

March 30, 2020


These are my best tips for working from home with kids! - M Loves M @marmar

My Tried-And-True Tips for Working From Home With Kids

I have been working from home with kids for quite a while now and over the years I have come up with a few tips and tricks to help me get the most work done. Matthew however is having a ruder adjustment now that he is working from home all day every day! It’s so cute how Augustine and Corinna want to be right next to him at all times, even when he’s on his conference calls!

The first thing I like to do is create a schedule with all of my tasks and projects listed out for the day or week, using a calendar or day planner. It helps so much to see what’s going on, for example to know when Matthew has a work call so that I can take the kids into another room.

Utilize nap/quiet times! Even if your kids aren’t napping, I’d highly recommend instilling a quiet time in your schedule. Pick a time every day where your kids can work on a quiet activity {preferably at the same time every day since their little bodies will pick up on those patterns}. Luckily Augustine is still napping so I know I can count on 1-3pm as a break in the day. Now, if only Corinna’s naps always matched up!

Setting your kids up with a project to keep them busy is the perfect distraction. This United States coloring tablecloth is a great way to keep an eye on them in the kitchen. Augustine loves these magnetic PicassoTiles, I set them up in a space near me and they keep him entertained for quite a while. When I have quiet time with Augustine, I try to communicate that time at my computer means I have some work to do before we can play. I’ve found that overcommunicating to him makes him understand a little more easily.

It’s okay to take breaks, but make your breaks count! Do something fun or have a snack during breaks that you can all look forward to. When we take breaks, we really tend to the kids and acknowledge them since they’ve been waiting so patiently to have our attention. I want them to know that when I’m with them, I’m really with them and present.

I am most productive when I have a clean work space and have all the materials I need to get my work done, so I like to pull out an activity such as a large floor puzzle or an activity workbook for Augustine while I’m organizing and cleaning my working space. He has been loving floor puzzles and I love watching his brain try to figure out the right order and combination. When I was little, I love doing puzzles with my Grandma so I feel like I fall back into this familiar puzzling mode and it’s fun that Augustine enjoys it too!


ICYMI, I shared some of the work from home products I use every day last week! I hope some of these tips can be of use to you and your kids during this time.


How are you parents with kids home right now coping? Have you found any helpful tricks you can pass along to my readers for getting work done when you have little ones at home!


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