Easy Bodysuit Outfits for Fall

October 15, 2020


This bodysuit is one of my favorites

Bodysuits are extremely practical and ideal for almost any look you want. It is so annoying when you are wearing a shirt and constantly have to tuck it in! With bodysuits, you can effortlessly achieve that “tucked in” look without worrying about it falling out. They are also perfect all year round, but I am loving them the most for fall. I’ve been getting into so many new trends – like this new fall trend I’m embracing for the first time – and I am not disappointed at all! I found so many amazing bodysuit options that are so stylish and comfortable. Keep reading to see my finds and my tips on what to pair bodysuits with!

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Easy Bodysuit Outfits for Fall


bodysuit . sweater . jeans . shoes . bag . sunglasses . necklace

This puff sleeve bodysuit I am wearing is one of my favorites. I could wear this one as a top by itself, but I chose to layer it with a super soft and warm cardigan sweater that fit perfectly. I love how easy it is to put on and take off this sweater, and either way I have a cute look! Figuring out which bottom to wear was so easy, I simply paired a classic pair of skinny jeans. When it comes to wearing a neutral colored top, literally any bottom matches with it. These flats I wore with this look are super cute and elegant. They are so easy to walk in and don’t hurt my feet at all. I also really love this leather tote because it is so spacious and not too heavy to carry! Finally, I accessorized with my favorite sunglasses ever, the cat eye sunglasses I am always wearing, and a super adorable necklace choker that has gems on it.

You can find the best bodysuits almost anywhere, they are extremely popular! I am always finding a simple and cute bodysuit wherever I shop. I highly recommend having a solid colored or neutral bodysuit in your closet, they are so essential! A simple bodysuit like this white short-sleeve bodysuit gives you the ability to create many different looks with it. Bodysuits like that one and this square neck bodysuit make layering so easy and simple. You can layer them with any jacket, coat, or sweater of your choice.  That is what I love most about these kinds of bodysuits!

Your choices aren’t limited to only basic bodysuits, however. You can wear one as a top and not cover it up with outerwear. For example, this white bodysuit with puffed sleeves looks totally complete on it’s own with a pair of pants or jeans. There is no need to layer it with anything else, only if you want to! Same goes with a bodysuit like this scoop neck one that is so adorable. You can pair these bodysuits with basically any pair of jeans, like these skinny jeans. They would also look great with a darker denim, like these black denim jeans.

For a lighter look, you can wear a one-shoulder bodysuit and pair it with either a skirt like this corduroy skirt or shorts like these really cute mom jean shorts. If it gets cold outside, you can easily layer this look with any outerwear item! I would layer my bodysuit look with a cardigan or even a coat for a warmer feeling. Bodysuits are really essential and I love how many options you have.




What are your thoughts on bodysuits?


photos by Priscilla Frey