Affordable Washable Kitchen Rugs are a Must

October 28, 2021


deciding on a washable kitchen runner rug- M Loves M @marmar

Welcome to the rug debate of 2021! Matthew and I {ok more 1} have been looking for a runner for our kitchen. I love the look of the vintage-style rugs but I know that it will probably get destroyed and spilled on in less than 24 hours. I do a lot of cooking in our house so spills are inevitable, especially when I have my two sweet little ones running around. Even though I was thinking a rug was out of the question, I saw these amazing washable rugs that looked exactly like the vintage ones I was looking at. The fact that I can throw these into the wash when they get spills or stains is pretty amazing. Who knew a rug could be washable, and more importantly why haven’t they always been washable?! The ones I found are so cute and an amazing price too. I showed Matthew all my favorites and decided to order the two top contenders. You’ll have to take a peek and let me know which one you like best. {By the way, all the rugs come in various sizes – not just runners!}

a washable rug review- M Loves M @marmar vintage inspired washable rug - M Loves M @marmar

Rug #1 has more of a blue hue wich I think is so pretty. There’s also some cream and gray tones there as well.

so impressed with these walmart washable rugs- M Loves M @marmar vintage multi kitchen rug- M Loves M @marmar

Rug #2 has more rust tones along with the blue. I thought this would be something different and unique!

What do you think? Do you have a favorite? Both of these rugs are in the new washable rug collection at Walmart which is SO good! All the prints are beautiful and amazing, and they come in various sizes which would be perfect for bedrooms, living rooms or dining rooms even. And hey, a washable rug in a dining room wouldn’t be a terrible idea. That actually might have to be next on my list.

Here are some other ones I was looking at as well:

This year I’m going to be hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas which I’m so looking forward to. I’m planning on being in the kitchen for 2 weeks straight and that just sounds like the best way to spend the holidays. Having a cute kitchen runner that I can easily throw into the wash when there are spills is going to be so helpful.

If any of you are looking for a washable rug you’ll have to look at the ones in this collection at Walmart. All of them are so unique and pretty and the fact that they’re washable is a huge plus!



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