Preparing for Colder Weather

October 5, 2021


Hi friends! Fall is officially here and I thought today I’d share some of the things I’m needing (and wanting) to add to my wardrobe. After our first Idaho fall and winter, I think I have a better idea of what to expect and also what I need. I’ve been doing some online shopping the past week so I was like, why not share here with all of you? Maybe you’re preparing for colder weather too and looking for some fall essentials of your own.

First up on my shopping list, is a lightweight puffer jacket. When we moved here I had one long jacket, which definitely came in handy, but I really felt myself needing something for the daily walks and park outings when it was under 50 degrees. Ideally, something shorter since I’m quite busy with getting the kids in and out of car seats. While my long jacket is perfect for colder and snowier weather, something short will be utilized much more often I think. This puffer comes in a bunch of cute colors, although I’m going to just go with the black. Basic but practical!

I did get this quilted cotton jacket last month that I’ve been loving. It’s a great casual jacket that does keep me warm, although I’ll have to put it to the test when we’re in the 40s/50s. I sized up but I’d recommend getting your true size. The quilted style is super comfortable and I feel like the brown color goes with everything.

Another thing I’m wanting is a pair of casual boots that are water-resistant and that I don’t mind getting a little dirty. I saw these Chelsea-inspired boots and loved the lug sole, which is actually a big fall trend. It seems like the boot to wear when you just gotta get stuff done. Better than sneakers, and more practical than an over-the-knee boot. What do you think? I feel like they’d even be cute and very 90s with a dress! Most likely, I’ll be wearing these for our park days and nature field trips.

A classic bean boot is such a wardrobe staple. These are an investment but you’d wear them for years (mine had held up incredibly well!). I love the soft leather and the plush lining. Think everything from pumpkin picking to Christmas tree chopping boots.

If you’re also looking for a pair of thick cozy socks, these ones are amazing! I love that they’re made with merino wool. Perfect comfy socks to tuck into boots or wear while snuggled on the couch by the glowing fire. Ah, so ready for that!

You all probably know my love for this hat. It’s really the first hat that I fell in love with. I’ve worn it for the past 5 summers constantly! Well, I was so thrilled to find out that there’s a wool version of my favorite hat! So perfect for fall and winter right? And I love the tonal ribbon on it. (BTW don’t mind the reviews – they’re all mainly saying that the product image was incorrect but they’re since updated it)

One of my favorite sweaters is this pretty oatmeal gray shade, and it really needs to be retired. I found this gorgeous sweater online and loved the oversized cut. Plus the price is always so good for their quality- it’s made with alpaca wool! I’m thinking this sweater would be a regular staple in my fall and winter wardrobe (and probably spring too!). It comes in other pretty colors as well. I’m deciding between the almond and the warm taupe, although leaning more toward the almond.

I hope this post is helpful for any of you preparing for colder weather and looking for fall/winter clothing to add to your wardrobe this season! Anything you’re searching for in particular? Let me know! I would love to help if I can!