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Touches of Fall Florals – Interior Edition

September 28, 2021

love these walmart kitchen items! They're such good quality too! - M Loves M @marmar

Fall is my favorite season but I feel like I wasn’t able to enjoy it quite as much in California. Maybe because we had some 90-100 degree days that felt more like summer than autumn. It’s been so fun to be in our new house this year and welcome in the new seasons. As the weather has been cooling down, I’ve been finding ways to make our house feel more cozy and warm and that’s included adding some touches of fall florals. I picked up some cute kitchen updates the other week that have made me happy every time I start to prep a meal. The rich floral prints are gorgeous for fall, but honestly, they would be perfect all year long. I’ve never been able to resist a floral print, even when it comes to home items. If you’re looking to add touches of fall florals to your home, I got you covered!

love these walmart kitchen items! They're such good quality too! - M Loves M @marmar making tea in the kitchen - M Loves M @marmar

I’m typically a coffee girl, but when the weather cools down a lot I can’t resist an afternoon cup of tea. Our method for boiling tea has been using a pasta pot, so I was so happy to upgrade to a proper kettle. I love how gorgeous this one looks even when it’s not in use. It goes perfectly with this little tea bag rest, too! (Under $3 – couldn’t resist!)kitchen decor styling with pieces from Walmart - M Loves M @marmar want to know a simple kitchen upgrade? try replacing your paper towel holder! - M Loves M @marmar

Another little update that we’ve appreciated in our kitchen has been this paper towel holder. It just looks a lot more classy than a roll sitting on our countertop – although that is the way we’ve done it for the past 10 years so no judgment here! We also got this kitchen crock which is the sweetest edition to our countertop! It’s the perfect spot to corral all the wooden spoons.

adding a touch of florals in the kitchen - M Loves M @marmar isn't this the cutest tea kettle?! Looks so cute on our stovetop - M Loves M @marmar fall florals home edition with the cutest pieces from a surprising retailer - M Loves M @marmar floral measuring cups! Didn't know how much I needed this - M Loves M @marmar love this pioneer woman collaboration at walmart- M Loves M @marmar floral kitchen bowls that are perfect for breakfast or prep work - M Loves M @marmar the cutest egg holder with a floral design - M Loves M @marmar affordable kitchen ware that is so cute! - M Loves M @marmar

the pioneer woman collaboration with walmart is too good - M Loves M @marmar


The Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart is so lovely and I love what a difference the floral prints make in the kitchen. I feel like they add some depth that our kitchen was missing. Also, the free 2 day shipping and returns for purchases over $35 makes it even easier to update your kitchen quickly. 


If you’re looking to add some touches of fall florals to your kitchen, I’ve rounded up some of my favorites below! 



DISCLOSURE: Thank you to Walmart for partnering with me on this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks so much for supporting my sponsors!

October Edit: Casual California Fall

October 16, 2020

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October Edit: Casual California Fall

Right now, I am staying in San Diego with my family for a bit before our move, so wearing easy, casual, and comfortable things are an absolute must. This month my style is totally inspired by our casual California fall.

When you think of a comfy style, you think sweaters. This cute grey crop sweater is so soft and cozy. For a casual look, I’d pair it up with jeans like these high waisted jeans that will complete the look and work with the cropped length of the sweater. Sweaters and jeans go great together! I also really adore this midi dress. It looks super soft and comfortable. You can really elevate this look with cute gold jewelry and accessories, like these hoop earrings or this chain necklace that are really trendy  right now.

Fall is the perfect cozy time to watch old movies. The vibes just feel right. I’m very tempted to grab this Audrey Hepburn Fashion in Film book for some style inspo. You know I love her style! Audrey is such a fashion icon and I adore the legacy she made for us all. At the end of the day, I’d love to light up a candle, like this classic candle, and watch any Audrey movie. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect Friday night?

On the days I go out, I like to put on more natural-looking makeup when I am wearing a casual and comfortable look. I love the color and shimmer of this limited edition bronze and glow set. It looks so natural and beautiful on the skin. When you have less sunny days, a little bronzer can’t hurt.

A good crossbody bag is coming in handy since my hands are pretty full with the little ones right now. One minute Corinna wants me to hold her and then next she’s practicing her sprints! I love that this crossbody bag looks expensive, but is actually pretty affordable!


one . two . three . four . five . six . seven . eight . nine . ten

I hope you found some inspiration in my casual California fall edit! Be sure to check out the last edit inspired by desert hues!


September Edit: Desert Hues

September 18, 2020

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September Edit: Desert Hues

I can’t believe we’re already halfway through September, but here we are. And September’s Edit theme is all about desert hues! By that, I mean embracing dusty, muted hues. Think beige with a pop of green, florals, and everything nice! This theme is great for transitioning to fall, but the best part about it all is that you don’t need to buy new pieces just to transition a season, you can find these colors in your own wardrobe.

I found the perfect items for this fall and I am seriously obsessed! You know the love I have for midi dresses and this tiered midi dress is no exception. The color is so stunning and this dress would look great paired with nice jewelry like this sovereign necklace that I find super adorable. I would most likely pair it with this crossbody bag as well because I love a hands-free bag option!

Another really cute find is this printed crop top that would make such a nice look with a high waisted skirt, or even jeans! Just think about how cute this outfit would look in the fall. As usual, accessorize with anything that you have in your closet! I don’t wear anklets (like ever!) but this dakota anklet I found is so pretty I might get it to try it out. The different colored stones on the gold make the anklet so stylish and unique. Desert hues are so pretty and I love to wear these colors all year round.

I LOVE fall fashion but I also love updating my home time time of year. This aloe planter decoration adds a nice touch and feel to your kitchen, and feels like something a little different than the typical flower vase. Honestly, I get more excited about hair and beauty products when the packaging looks nice and clean, like this deep conditioning hair mask! Not only will it look cute on your vanity table but it’s a clean beauty product and it smells AMAZING (and is also inspired by the desert with some of the ingredients). If you need a new shampoo/conditioner, I’ve really loved the ones from dae. They give the perfect lather, but they honestly just smell so amazing and my hair is always super shiny afterward.


one . two . three . four . five . six. seven . eight . nine

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