4 Secrets for Longer & Stronger Hair

October 18, 2017


sharing my 4 secrets to get longer and stronger hair - M Loves M @marmar

I didn’t realize how much I loved my hair until I had Augustine. During pregnancy, I had the best hair, nails and skin. Oh how I miss those pregnancy hormones {at least some of them}. Post-partum I noticed more of my hair falling out, breaking off and basically losing everything I “worked” for the past nine months. This is all completely normal but it was still sad to experience. Over this past year, I have taken extra care of my hair in the hopes that it would continue to grow and be stronger than before. I am going to share with you 4 secrets for longer & stronger hair in the hopes that these tips will help you too! Fingers crossed we can get some luscious, supermodel locks with the right TLC!

4 secrets to longer + stronger hair - M Loves M @marmarsharing my 4 secrets to get longer and stronger hair - M Loves M @marmar

4 Secrets for Longer and Stronger Hair

Wash Less Often

Believe it or not studies show that hair is actually more healthy when it is washed less. Shampoo is obviously great and a necessity to cleanse your scalp from natural oils but over-washing is said to be more damaging. Too much shampoo {or other product} can dry your scalp out leaving your hair looking more dull. While you don’t need to abolish your hair-washing routine completely, I recommend setting a new schedule to wash less often. If you wash everyday, I’d suggest trying every other day. If you wash every other day I suggest trying to go three days without washing.

At first it may feel as though your scalp is producing more oils, giving your hair a dirtier feel, when in reality it is going through its natural process. When we over-wash we rob our scalp of producing its natural and healthy oils by drying out our scalp. It may take a week or two to get your hair on its new hair washing routine but I can assure you if you commit to washing every three days {or whatever you choose to do} you will see a difference in the shine of your hair and even how your hair slows down on producing so much oil!

Less Heat

This secret doesn’t seem so secret. It’s fairly self-explanatory that if we use less heat on our hair then it will grow longer and stronger. Some women are waking up early to shower, blow-dry and then curl or straighten their hair. Then repeat this process every day. That is a lot of heat contact for your hair to manage. By cutting down on how often you’re using the blow dryer or straightener your hair will be way happier. So what does this look like?

If you are showering at night and still have a few hours before you go to bed, ditch the blow-dryer and air dry your hair before bed. Think about the weekends and how many times you apply heat when it’s unnecessary. If you do not need to be somewhere, then do your best to avoid the blow-dryer completely. I even recommend sleeping in a twirl bun or braids to keep your beautiful curls from the day before. This will not only shorten your routine in the morning but keep your hair healthier {and happier}.  I promise it will make all the difference in the strength and longevity of your hair to avoid heat the best you can!

Avoid Rubber Bands

This secret was actually a secret to me. Avoid rubber bands, ahh! Did you know that putting your hair in those tight cheerleader pony tails and buns are actually causing damage to your hair? Yeah, me neither! I feel like I always need to have my hair up and out of my face throughout the day, especially with this awful heat wave we’ve been having in Southern California. I’ve ditched my rubber bands and have switched over to using clips to throw my hair either half-way up or in a bun. A clip like this will prevent breakage but still get the job done. If your hair doesn’t successfully hold a bun in a clip then I suggest some hair ties like these or even try a scrunchy. I guess the 80’s did know what they were doing!

Sleep Top Knotted

Last but not least try sleeping with your hair up. Again, avoid the rubber bands the best you can but sleep in either a clip or gentle hair tie. Did you know that sleeping with your hair down actually causes more knots and breakage in addition to bed head? As my hair has gotten longer I’ve had to sleep with my hair up, or else I’ll wake up with the biggest knots and tangles. I really don’t think you can go wrong with sleeping with your hair up. It’s also better for your skin so you’re not sleeping with your face against any hair products.

Lately, I have been putting my hair in a loose top knot and securing it with a clip {it doesn’t hurt if it’s on the top of your head}. I have also tried those Silk Pillowcases to cure the bed head. I really liked it but after one wash I noticed a difference in the feel of the silk. Has anyone been successful with those? I’d love to know!

I hope these 4 tips help change your hair routine to help give you longer and stronger hair. I have also shared what shampoo and conditioner I use and how I get my everyday curls. Have you checked out how some people are now going shampoo-free? I’m not sure how I feel about it yet but let me know your thoughts and any other secrets you have to healthier hair!



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