Lately, I’ve Been…

March 8, 2018


Lately I've Been.. - M Loves M @marmar

Happy Thursday everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these, so here goes..

Lately, I’ve been…

watching nothing! Gosh I miss TV. It’s been so hard to find the time to watch TV these days. It’s probably for the best though, because I’m one of those people that always has to watch just one more episode. What have you been watching? I know I’m probably missing out on a lot of good TV! {UPDATE: and of course while I was thinking about not watching TV, I decided to put my Hulu subscription on hold because I’ve been throwing money down the drain the past 6 months, and then I got sucked into catching up on The Mindy Project… oh my GOSH! I have a problem you guys!}

reading some fun little books with Augustine! I miss reading for myself but it’s been really enjoyable reading books with Augustine. These are some of our favorite books. We got some new books for our Hawaii trip and Little Blue Truck’s Springtime has been a quick favorite! I’m loving that whole series, and it all started with the Christmas book for us.

eating this delicious curried quinoa salad. I made this for dinner last night and oh my gosh it’s delicious! I want to make it with Israeli cous cous next. It would be a great side salad to bring to a pot luck, or something to have on hand in the fridge for a healthy side dish.

wearing this comfy thermal top – bonus points that it’s only $15! I love the boxy fit and how cute it is with jeans {fave pair right now!} or overalls. I also got a really cute pair of clogs that I’ve been loving! Matthew thinks they’re so funny but I don’t know I’ve just always loved them. I can’t wait to wear them with cute summery dresses, like this one! What do you think about clogs?

looking for comfy basics! While my style is still pretty feminine and classic, I really have been wanting more cute, casual pieces to wear at home. I got this pretty white tee {on sale!} and I love how the ruffled detail that makes it a little more special. This is definitely my ideal plain white tee! I’m also trying to find a cute swimsuit for summer that’s flattering. I got this red one but it didn’t fit me as well {might need to size down}, but I LOVED this one {got my regular size}. It offers good support and is so flattering! Plus I loove that print!

thinking about ways to be more organized! Especially with tax season coming around the corner, I’m just staring at a very messy office with notes and papers everywhere. Sometimes I just feel so overwhelmed, not just with a messy desk, but general day to day life. I wonder if I’m ever going to catch up. Besides mom work, blog work, and life work it’s hard to keep up. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. I’m always looking for life hack tips and tricks to make things easier for myself {like planning the chores I can do with Augustine and the ones I have to do on his nap time}. If you have any ideas for me though, I’m always curious and appreciative! During Lent I’ve really been trying to put my health first and get to bed early, but it’s so hard because I feel like my only time to do anything uninterrupted is at night. It’s a good thing I love what I do because that makes it so much more enjoyable. I really don’t want to complain and in fact, I’ve been challening myself to see the bright side of things. Which brings me to my next one:

listening The Happier podcast! It’s by Gretchen Rubin who wrote The Happiness Project {would highly recommend this book if you haven’t read it}. I’ve really loved this podcast, especially the smaller “Little Happier” episodes. The one I listened to the other day was “This is Actually Good for Me.” I love the idea of reframing a seemingly tough situation and seeing the good.

planning Some fun new posts and videos! I’m really excited to start sharing more videos with you and I would love love love to hear what you’re most interested in seeing! Beauty? Recipes? Style tips? Mom life things? Would so love your input if you have any thoughts!

loving being home! It was so fun to be in Hawaii but there’s something so nice about being home. While I love to travel, I also just love to stay put. I’ve always been such a homebody, and Matthew is too. We were actually supposed to meet a few times before we actually did but Matthew ended up staying in those nights. By the way, want to hear something kind of crazy?! Today is our 10 year dating anniversary! I can’t even believe it. It actually seems like a huge deal when I write it down and look at the number. 10 years! Wow! It’s been the best decade of my life, that’s for sure! And I love that so much of that history is here on the blog, since I started this site in 2009. If you haven’t checked out our engagement posts there is his version, and mine. And of course lots of wedding posts too! I love that guy so much and while every relationship takes a lot of work, there’s no one else I’d rather go through life with! He’s my lobster! {bonus points if you get that TV reference!}

Have a great day everyone and thanks so much for stopping by!