The 10 Makeup Brushes Every Woman Should Have

April 25, 2018


The 10 Makeup Brushes Every Woman Should Have - M Loves M Blog @marmar

Let’s chat beauty! To be honest, it’s only been in recent years that I’ve started building up a collection of makeup brushes…and actually using them! I’ve found that there are a lot of brushes out there, each with their own need and purpose. But are they necessary?? That’s the big question, right? Today I’m sharing the 10 makeup brushes every woman should have. These are the ones that I reach for on a daily basis. Some might not be essential to you yet, but if you give them a chance I bet you’ll use them daily too!

The 10 Makeup Brushes Every Woman Should Have

Foundation Brush

Helps to give skin with a light ‘wash’ of foundation that leaves your face with a more seamless finish. Using your fingers can leave fingerprint marks in the foundation and can make it a little more difficult to buff out. Plus it isn’t as sanitary! This brush is an essential because it really helps to keep the oils and bacteria from your fingers from clogging up your pores. I really love this foundation. The coverage is perfect – not too heavy and not too light! Try: this brush! It’s a splurge but for the foundation you want A+ bristles. Trust me!

Eyeshadow Brush

There are different eyeshadow brushes out on the market to help you get different eyeshadow looks. Want to go for a more ‘smokey’ eye, I love smudge brush for a more rich sultry look. Whichever you prefer, eyeshadow brushes are great to put on different colored shadows for an easy day or night eye look. I keep hearing the best things about this palette that I’m curious to check out. Try: this brush! It’s super affordable!

Blush Brush

This brush is great for adding a final pop of color to your cheeks, especially during the dreary winter months. This is a smaller powder brush that you can use to add your rosy color of choice to the apples of your cheeks. Here’s my go-to blush! This is another favorite! Try: this brush. I hear great things about this line!

Blending Shadow Brush

Helps to diffuse eyeshadow in the crease of your eye blending eye shadow brush to help blend a variety of eye shades together. I used to use my finger to do this but it’s amazing what a difference the brush makes! Lately I’ve been using the shadows in this palette and loving the darker shades for blending! Try: this brush! When a brush is cheaper than your coffee and has the best reviews I think it’s the one!

Brow Brush

If there’s one brush every woman should have, it’s a good brow brush! Defining your eyebrows adds so much and will help finish your overall look. Brow brushes are great for helping to distribute your product of choice (power, gel, wax, etc.) and shape the look of your face.  I’ll sometimes to do a more dramatic brow for a night out or a lighter version for running around town. Try: this brush! It comes from the Queen of Brows so you know it’s worth it!

Fan Brush

A fan is great because you can use it for so much! You can use it to brush away excess shadow from your face and use it to apply a face mask. I also love that you can use it lightly dust on highlighter or bronzer. It’s one brush that has so many great uses. P.S. This is my fave highlighter! Try: this brush!

Concealer Brush

A concealer brush is essential to building your makeup brush kit. I love it because it allows you to target specific areas on your face that need a little extra coverage (hi dark circles & pimples!) and blend into your look flawlessly. I hear the best things about this concealer, but I’m currently using this one that I personally really like! Try: this brush!

Liner Brush

The liner brush is great for defining your eye look. You could use it to add a darker shadow closer to your lid, and you can even use it to do a softer cat-eye. Also, you could use this liner brush to help define your brows too if you’re using this popular brow gel! Try: this brush!

Powder Brush

This big powder brush is great for applying bronzers and powders to help get an even amount of product on your face. You can also buff out any imperfections for a final flawless look. Love my powder brush! And this powder is the one I’ve been using for years and swear by! I always go back to it…always! Try: this brush! Bonus points because it’s so pretty!

Bronzer Brush

I always use a bronzer brush! While you could get away with using another brush, this one really knows what it’s doing. When you’re adding bronzer you don’t want to go too heavy. The right brush will go on lightly enough and you can always build to it for a more contoured look. Personally, I like a subtle contoured look so I just define my cheekbones a little bit with bronzer and then add some of the remaining product on the brush to the outer edges of your forehead, which helps give me a lightly bronzed look. My current go-to bronzer is this one because of how natural it looks. Try: this brush! Love that it has a retractable top so it’s great for travel!


Do you use makeup brushes? Which ones are your go-tos? And have you tried this brush line? They look so interesting right? I’m so curious how they work. Also, there’s the popular kabuki brush that I know some girls love. If you have thoughts about either, share with me below. Am I missing out?? Let me know if I need one!

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P.S. I was so excited to partner with my friend Joanna Baker on this beautiful brush illustration. Joanna is an extremely talented fashion and lifestyle illustrator and I’ve been a fan of her work for years. I feel so lucky to have been drawn by her in the past- this one of me and Matthew is one of my absolute favorites. Joanna is so talented and I’m so happy to share her art with you! Thank you Joanna for drawing this gorgeous illustration!

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