A Look at My Diet & Grocery Staples

August 21, 2018


Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday! After my post the other week about the easy dinner recipes I was making each night for dinner I got several questions about what my diet is like, and also what Matthew and Augustine eat. It’s also a question that I get frequently on InstaStories since I like to show you all what I cook. I thought I’d share more about my diet in today’s post, along with the grocery staples that are always stocked in our pantry and fridge! (P.S. If you’re looking for dinners to make for the week, check out that post from the other week because there’s a downloadable grocery list included!}

These are the groceries I always have in my pantry! | M Loves M @marmar I love picking up fresh flowers from the Farmer's Market. | M Loves M @marmar Everything I love to buy from the farmers market! | M Loves M @marmar This pink and straw tote bag is so summer! | M Loves M @marmar I'm sharing how I stay healthy and happy with my diet! | M Loves M @marmar These are my staple foods that are always in my pantry. | M Loves M @marmar I love this white, eyelet strapless fress! | M Loves M @marmar What says summer more than a white dress and a farmer's market?! | M Loves M @marmar

A Look at My Diet & Grocery Staples

MY DIET {and Matthew’s and Augustine’s}

So, want to hear something crazy?! I’ve been a pescaterian since 1999! Crazy it’s been that long, right?! My family was driving up the I-5N to see my Grandma and when we passed these miles of cows I asked my mom why they were all there. She made a joke saying those are my hamburgers and being the stubborn little girl I was I said, “Well they won’t be my hamburgers anymore!” I don’t think anyone thought I would stick with my pescatarian claim but growing up my Dad was {and still is!} an incredible cook and he would make so many different types of dishes that weren’t reliant on meat. I felt completely satisfied by not eating meat and it wasn’t something I ever missed. When I was really little I used to think I would eat meat when I was pregnant, but that didn’t happen. I definitely didn’t need to eat meat for nutritional purposes, and I honestly don’t think I could eat it ever again. It’s just been too long and I don’t have the taste buds for it.

While I eat fish {I love sushi}, I have to say I don’t eat it that often anymore. Maybe once every 2 weeks. I’d say my diet definitely skews more vegetarian and I also try to choose dairy free when I can. I make my own almond milk but it’s too hard for me to cut out cheese. I love cheese! And eggs! Actually when I tried eating vegan during the month of May, giving up eggs ended up being the hardest thing for me. I rely on my scrambled or poached eggs in the morning. Especially on avocado toast! If I don’t eat eggs, I usually have cereal, which isn’t always the healthiest.

Matthew eats everything, meat included, although he doesn’t have it all the time. He’s fine eating what I make for him, or he’ll make a separate dish if he’s wanting something in particular.

Right now, Augustine eats a vegetarian diet. He hasn’t had any meat or fish yet although I’m sure he probably will at some point. We’re just been waiting since we don’t feel like it’s crucial for him. He gets a lot of protein in other ways, and he’s at the top of the charts for height and weight so our doctor isn’t concerned. When we do give him meat, we’ll just want to make sure we know where it’s from. I know it will be hard to always control, but I guess I just don’t want him putting things into his body that can hurt him. You can check out this post if you want to read about Augustine’s go-to meals at 1 year.


Here are some of the things we usually always get at the grocery store or have on hand in our pantry & fridge:

Nuts & Seeds

chia and hemp seeds

raw almonds and cashews

slivered almonds


apple cider vinegar

unsweetened applesauce

unsweetened cacao powder


maple syrup



avocado oil

coconut oil

olive oil


brown rice

gluten-free pasta {love the brown rice & quinoa fusilli from Trader Joe’s}



Dave’s Good Bread

sea salt

black pepper

cayenne pepper

smoked paprika

chili powder


dried thyme

dried oregano

pumpkin pie spice


black beans


diced tomatoes

tamari or coconut aminos

tomato sauce {love Rao’s}

full-fat coconut milk

Fresh Items

almond milk

Kerrygold butter


Greek yogurt

Monterey Jack or cheddar





salad lettuce


sweet potato

red onion





I love making healthy and easy recipes for my family! | M Loves M @marmar

I hope this post was helpful and interesting to some of you! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below. Also, here are some of my favorite cookbooks, as well as our Trader Joe’s staples!


similar white eyelet dress that’s off the shoulder

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