The Cutest Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

November 20, 2018

I love these holiday Christmas pajamas! - M Loves M @marmar

To be honest, I used to thinking family Christmas pajamas, especially matching family Christmas pajamas, were so funny. But I’m telling you, they are SO much fun! Last year we had a blast in our matching pjs and seeing Augustine run around the house in them just made me smile. It’s these little things that make the holiday season so fun and special. And the fact that I got Matthew on board was a huge win! Initially, I thought getting our matching Christmas pajamas would be a Christmas Eve tradition, but then I figured why wait when we can wear them all season long?! It was so fun to wear them throughout December in anticipation of the holiday!

Today I thought I’d round up some of the cutest family Christmas pajamas in case you’re looking for some. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, there are also some Hannukah pajamas and festive winter ones to choose from! Matching pajamas are so fun it makes me think we should do it during other times of the year too, but then maybe it would take away a bit of that Christmas magic.

These are the cutest matching family pajamas! - M Loves M @marmar I love these matching couple holiday pajamas! - M Loves M @marmar

The Cutest Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

Amazon is such a great resource for matching family Christmas pajamas (or other holidays like Hanukkah!). They have so many affordable options that can shipped quickly! I think these candy cane inspired ones would be too cute!

Target also has what feels like an endless amount off matching family pajamas starting at $10! I really like these plaid sets because I feel like you could wear them all winter long. Even Ginger can get in on the action with these matching dog pajamas!

Black Friday would be a great time to pick up some pajamas for your family on sale. I shared my top tips for scoring the best deals during Black Friday weekend, but once Black Friday arrives I’ll share my favorite styles from the sales on the blog!


my pajama top . my pants . Matthew’s pajama top . Matthew’s pantsAugustine’s pajamas .



I think wearing matching pajamas during the holidays is such a fun tradition! Last year I shared a list of holiday traditions we were looking forward to starting with Augustine and of course wearing fun pajamas made the list.

Do you like to wear matching holiday pajamas with your family?! I’d love to know which brands I should check out. Next year we’ll need an extra set of jammies on hand for our little girl!