My Top Tips for Styling Bangs

December 13, 2018


This is how I've been styling my bangs! - M Loves M @marmar

Since I got bangs a few months ago {not for the first time though!}, I’ve been asked a lot about how I style them. I’m the first to admit that having bangs is definitely more work styling wise, but over the years {and through a lot of trial and error!}, I’ve found some easy tips for styling bangs! Hopefully you find these tips as helpful as I do!

How to style bangs. - M Loves M @marmar These are my top tips for styling bangs! - M Loves M @marmar I'm sharing my best tips for styling bangs! - M Loves M @marmar

My Top Tips for Styling Bangs

Start with a Blow Dryer

I’ve found that heat styling my bangs with a blowdryer really makes a difference! I always blow dry my bangs as soon as I get out of the shower. Bangs dry super fast and mine seem to dry completely within 15 minutes! If I let them dry on their own then they usually set in a funky shape that I don’t love. Luckily, they also dry super fast with the blowdryer, so sometimes I’ll even re-wet them in the mornings and blowdry them fresh. It takes less than 2 minutes and makes all the difference. I’ve been using this blowdryer lately, after getting it for a project, and have been loving it. It’s such a good price, plus it’s really cute! This blowdryer is another favorite but the price point is a bit higher. I love the auto-pause though and how quickly it dries my hair.

Pick the Right Direction

Did you know that the direction you dry your hair makes a big difference?! I picked up this tip from a hairstylist after I complained to her about a cowlick I had. Even when I blow-dried my bangs to the right, they would end up on the left! She advised I use a small, round boar-bristle brush because the closely-knit bristles will grab every stand, giving you a perfect amount of control. When using that brush she recommended blow-drying your bangs from the left to the right until they’re dry. Ideally, this means that the heat of the blow-dryer will soften any cowlicks and allow bangs to fall straight. Who knew?!

Use Less Product

I apply styling creams and serums to my bangs just like I do to the rest of my hair, except I use a lot less {this 5-in-1 styling cream is one of my all time favorites!}. Too much product can weigh bangs down and make them look greasy! Or they can become stiff and difficult to style. I usually apply the product to the rest of my hair and use the residual on my hands to smooth my bangs.

When It’s Time for a Trim

One of the most frustrating parts of having bangs is needing to trim them once they start to get too long. Remember that many stylists offer free bangs trims, so if you’re considering getting bangs ask your hairstylist about that! Whenever I can’t make it to the salon for a trim, I’ll use a round brush to create a little lift with the heat of the blowdryer. This little bit of lift will keep them out of my eyes until I can head to the salon! Or I’ll just start blowdrying them to the right and do a side bang look.


For you ladies without bangs, here are three easy ways to update your hair for winter! I get asked a lot on social media about how I style my every day waves, so if you’re curious too, hopefully this tutorial helps!

I’d love to hear from any other gals with bangs {or who used to have bangs!} if there are any must-know tips that I missed. I’m always looking to improve my hair routine!

photos by Vanessa Lentine

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