My 2018 Year in Review & Highlights!

January 4, 2019


Check out my year in review! - M Loves M @marmar

Our pregnancy announcement!

Happy 2019 everyone! It’s been a really enjoyable couple of weeks spending the holidays with family and friends. I’m so excited for a new year but I have to take a moment {or two!} to appreciate 2018. At the end of December, Matthew and I really enjoy recapping the year, sharing our highs and our lows, as well as looking ahead with our goals for the new year. Today I’m sharing a year in review, along with some of the resolutions I’m hoping to accomplish in 2019. I have to say, 2018 was a great year, but I have a feeling 2019 will be even better!

My 2018 Year in Review & Highlights!

These baby balloons are so cute! | M Loves M @marmar

Our pregnancy announcement!

Even though this wasn’t the first highlight of 2018, it was definitely the biggest! Our pregnancy announcement! I still can’t believe we’ll be adding another little one to our family come spring. It’s been such a blessing to be pregnant, even despite the extreme fatigue from my first trimester. I remember finding out, telling Augustine first even though he was too young to understand, and feeling that excitement of becoming a family of 4. I know our lives will change drastically, but I can’t wait to start this new chapter and watch Augustine become a big brother. Whenever I get sad thinking about how it won’t be just the three of us, I think about how much he’ll love having a sibling. I know it will be such a gift to him!

Kauai travel guide for the family! - M Loves M @marmar

Our trip to Kauai!

Matthew and I have loved visiting Hawaii over the years but usually go to Maui {our Maui babymoon was one of our favorite trips!}. We decided to go to Kauai for the first time in February and it was such a fun and memorable trip as a family.  It was our first flight with Augustine and while the travel process was a bit overwhelming, we learned a ton {here’s what I packed in our diaper bag for travel} and are looking forward to more trips together. While Matthew still prefers Maui, I have to say I think Kauai is my favorite island so far and I can’t wait to go back!

A toddler's construction themed birthday party! - M Loves M @marmar

Augustine’s 2nd Birthday

Augustine turned 2 just like that! I swear these last two years have flown by, which is what everyone says. We had such a great time celebrating this little guy with a construction truck-themed birthday party! We got him this special birthday shirt in black and I’m sad it doesn’t fit him anymore because he loves the excavator truck on the front. Our construction truck clothing is going strong though – he still wears these socks all the time!

A Lake Tahoe travel guide! - M Loves M @marmar

Our trip to Lake Tahoe!

Second plane trip down! We went to Tahoe with Augustine and my only complaint was that the trip was way too short! Luckily it was an hour flight but since we were just there for Labor Day weekend I felt like we weren’t able to do all the things we wanted to do. Even still, it was so nice to spend time with family in a place that has a special spot in my heart!

A gender reveal party! - M Loves M @marmar

Our gender reveal party!

If you remember, we decided to wait to find out whether Augustine was a boy or girl. I would have been happy waiting to find out again, but Matthew was intent on knowing, especially since it took some convincing to keep Augustine’s gender a surprise. {I did think boy the whole time though!} This time around we decided we should have a fun gender reveal for baby #2!

It was such an incredible moment at our gender reveal {my heart was racing!} and I’m honestly still in shock. I keep referring to the baby as “the baby” because I’m not 100% certain. We’ll find out for sure in a few months though!

How to style bangs! - M Loves M @marmar

I got bangs!

After talking about it for years, and pinning lots of photos, I decided to finally get bangs again. I’m definitely happy I make the chop, but I will say going in for my trims hasn’t been as easy as I was expecting. Right now, I’m planning on growing them out a bit because I know when the new baby comes I’ll have even less time! Bangs, it’s not you…it’s me!

Goals for 2019

Looking ahead to the new year I don’t feel like I have as many goals as normal. Usually, I have a lofty list, but this year I’m just focusing on a few things like “staying present.” I guess it’s more of an intention, right? With a new baby coming, along with my new role as mom of 2, I have a feeling this year will be a little more hectic than normal. I hope that I can stay present and enjoy the process, as well as give myself grace in this changing season of motherhood. Thinking about how quickly time has gone by with Augustine, though, makes me realize that it will go by just as quickly with this new little one. I want to stay as present as I can and savor it all. That being said, I do hope we can settle into a routine quickly because stability is something I crave, and I know Augustine does as well.

I also want to do my best this year to stay organized and minimize. This is always a goal of mine, but it’s been something I’ve proudly worked on and improved upon. I hope to continue my progress into the new year, by planning my menus ahead of time, donating and getting rid of what I don’t need, and also staying on top of work responsibilities.

While I, of course, want to eat healthily, exercise more, get 8+ hours of sleep each night, read a book a month, I’m just going to try to do what I can. I can’t be perfect in any of those areas but I’m going to do my best to make the efforts. And getting 8+ hours of sleep each night most likely won’t happen after March, so maybe that will be my January/February goal!

Do you have any goals or resolutions you’re working on this year? Feel free to share with me below so I can cheer you on! I hope 2019 is everything you want it to be and more!

Thank you all so much for your support over the past year. It means so much to me to have this incredible community. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to visit my blog, read my posts, leave comments, and follow along on social media. I can’t wait to share the 2019 content I’ve been working on, but I would also love to hear what you all would enjoy seeing and reading. Please share with me below?? I’ll pick one of you to send some beauty goodies too if that’s an extra incentive. Do you prefer my fashion posts? beauty? recipes? lifestyle/mom life? Please let me know, and feel free to be specific. And if you have time I would love for you to fill out this survey. It would be so helpful!! Thank you all so much in advance!!

Happy 2019 everyone!!



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