All My Third Trimester Updates!

February 19, 2019


These are all of my third trimester updates! - M Loves M @marmarWhile I almost can’t believe it, I’ve reached the end of my pregnancy! Technically I have a week and a half to go but the baby could come anytime. How’s that for a surprise?! In some ways, I’m sad to say goodbye to this pregnancy {I really love being pregnant} but to be honest, the last month or so has been so hard for me. Sharing more about my third trimester updates below!

I'm sharing my third trimester pregnancy updates! - M Loves M @marmar These are all of my third trimester updates! - M Loves M @marmar

All My Third Trimester Updates at 38 Weeks!


Feeling: Excited, nervous, unprepared, not ready! I think I remember feeling this way at the end of my pregnancy with Augustine too. This time, though, I’m feeling nervous about not knowing when labor will start to happen. The first time, I didn’t really need to worry about anyone else. Now, I’m hoping that Augustine is asleep or it’s a time of day where my mom can easily drive down to be with him. Then I’m thinking about how labor and delivery will be the second time around. Augustine’s birth was pretty quick considering my water didn’t break, so I wonder if it will be faster this time around. Unfortunately, I haven’t exercised or done much pre-natal yoga as I did before, so I’m hoping my body can deal with everything ok.

My bag is almost packed, I do have a couple freezer meals ready, and I did buy newborn diapers, so I guess I’m prepared in that way. There isn’t a finished nursery yet, but she’ll be with us in our room for a few months anyway. While Matthew and I know a little bit more of what to expect, I think we both still feel nervous about the sleep situation. Sleep was hard for Augustine for the first year and a half, meaning it was even harder for us. Fingers crossed we can do things a little better this time around! Tips always welcome!!

Something that’s made this trimester more challenging has been the aches and pains. I don’t really remember this with Augustine but maybe it was because I was taking it easier. Augustine is my curious and busy little boy so I feel like I’m still just as active as if I wasn’t pregnant. Even walking up the stairs in our house makes me incredibly out of breath, though. Sleeping has been challenging and I can’t turn over in bed without waking myself up because my hips hurt so badly. I wake up multiple times in the middle of the night to use the bathroom {I need to go all the time during the day too. Baby must be low!} and then it’s hard for me to fall back asleep. In the mornings I feel so incredibly sore like I’ve been in a car accident or something. My hips absolutely ache! I’ve been feeling a ton of Braxton Hicks, and even the lightning pains down there. So fun right?! Little girl is also very very busy and kicks a lot on the right of my stomach. I’m guessing she will be tall like her big brother!

Craving: Some days I go from having a huge appetite to not having much of one at all. I think it’s funny that sweets weren’t that appealing to me during the first trimester because I definitely have more than made up for it now. I wish I had better self-control! I’ve also been loving shredded wheat cereal with granola, my go-to oatmeal {sharing the recipe next week}, and avocado toasts. Basically, I love breakfast foods!

Reading: I’m reading a couple of baby sleep books that I got with Augustine but didn’t have the chance to read. Babywise and Cherish the First 6 Weeks. Have any of you read either? Any tips that stood out to you and made a difference? Or is there something else I should look into? Leave me a comment below! Any moms of 2+ any tips for balancing both, especially during the first few months??

What I’ve Been Doing in my Third Trimester: Based off the recommendation of my midwife, I started eating 6 dates a day. Apparently, this helps soften the cervix and contribute to a shorter labor. Here’s the article my midwife directed me to. I’ve been having 3 a day since my dates are a little larger (2 inches long instead of the normal 1 inch length). I like them with cheese but usually have them with peanut butter and cinnamon. Sometimes coconut on top, too! So so good!

I’ve also been drinking red raspberry leaf tea. I drank 1-2 cups during the last trimester with Augustine as well and it’s supposed to help with uterine contractions and toning the muscles. While it’s beneficial for all women, apparently it’s especially so for women in their third trimester. I figured it doesn’t hurt to try it! I usually drink the tea while eating my date too! This was the red raspberry leaf tea I drank with Augustine but I’ve preferred this one that I started drinking this pregnancy.

I’ve also been trying to increase my iron levels since I was anemic during my 34 week check-up. I’ve been taking these iron pills, adding Blackstrap molasses to my coffee {yuck!}, and eating lots of spinach and leafy greens! Tip: make sure to take iron pills separately from calcium and try to have it with Vitamin C/citrus fruits to maximize absorption!

What I’m most excited about right now: I can’t wait for her to be here, to hold her, kiss her, look into her eyes and say her name. I can’t wait for Augustine to meet her and take on his big brother role that I know he will love. I can’t wait for our family to feel a little more complete with this little one that we’ve been thinking and talking about for the past 9 months. I can’t wait to get into a new rhythm as a family of four! Baby girl, we’re pretty much all ready for you!!


You can check out some of my other pregnancy updates here! I’ve also been sharing some of the items I’m planning on buying for the baby and Augustine here. Hopefully, I’ll have a birth announcement for you soon!


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