My Favorite Unique Date Night Ideas

February 11, 2019


Fun date night ideas! - M Loves M @marmar

Valentine’s Day is 3 days away and while I know the typical date night ideas include dinner and a movie, I thought it might be fun to share some other options. Since Matthew and I are planning on keeping things simple this year, I was trying to come up with something that would still be fun and memorable to do. I think we will end up celebrating on Friday or Saturday night, or maybe throughout the weekend because why not?! We probably won’t be having a date night for awhile! Here are some date night ideas that hopefully give you some inspiration for what to do with your special someone on Valentine’s Day, or any old day really!

10 Unique Date Night Ideas

Bundle up and go for a stroll with hot chocolate– This could be perfect since the weather in Southern California has been surprisingly chilly- well, for us anyways! We didn’t have a hot chocolate date during the holidays, so now is really the time. Maybe we’ll take a walk down in Laguna together, or along the Dana Point Harbor!

Make cookies, decorate them and give them away– I have been having MAJOR cookie cravings lately. I know, nothing new right? But maybe if we made cookies and gave them away that would feel like a nice way to share the love. Our neighbor has made cookies for Augustine a few times so I think she might like a batch for herself.

Arcade and milkshakes– I love an old fashioned date idea! When we lived in the South Bay we would go to the Redondo Beach Pier and they had an old-timey arcade that Matthew and I liked to visit. This would be a fun afternoon date option too!

Pajama party and blanket fort– I’m thinking Augustine would have to join in on this date night idea because he loves a good fort, but if you don’t have kids this would be so romantic just the two of you.

Binge watch an old TV show– Matthew and I have some old shows we used to LOVE watching together, like How I Met Your Mother. Maybe we’ll have a night where we watch a handful of our favorite episodes {Slapsgiving would be a must!}. Do any of you have a favorite show you watched, or are currently watching, with your partner? My best friend Lizzie and her husband Michael have been loving Suits so that’s another idea!

Breakfast picnic date– If the weather is nice, I think it would be fun to head down to San Clemente and have a little breakfast picnic. There’s a great grassy area in North Beach that’s perfect for Augustine to run around on, or we can always take the short walk down to the beach and watch the waves. Even if it’s colder, we might actually like this idea! Our favorite to-go breakfasts include bagel sandwiches, breakfast burritos and if Augustine has his say, “sants” which are croissants! Of course coffee for the grown-ups is a must!

Have a cook-off (like Chopped)– Even though Matthew’s not a big fan of cooking, he loves a good competition. We’ve had pizza cook-offs before, where we try to see who will make the best combo. I shared our last cook-off on InstaStories, asking you all to vote, and even though Matthew might have a won {barely!}, I think I can really crush him next time!

Take a dance class– It’s been one of my goals to take a dance class with Matthew. I’m kind of kicking myself that we didn’t do that for our wedding because I bet I could have convinced him more easily. One of these days though, when we have the time, I think it would be such a great activity for us!

Drive-in movie– I have never been to a drive-in movie theatre but I’ve always loved the idea!! It gives me Grease vibes! While there isn’t one super closeby there is the Vineland Drive-In and Paramount Drive-In that we could check out!

Wine tasting– Have I told you all how much I miss wine?! 3 more weeks!! If I wasn’t pregnant, I love the idea of a wine tasting date. Matthew and I always love visiting the wineries up in Santa Barbara and Paso Robles, and there are also some in Temecula as well.

Other ideas I love would be volunteering together, doing a chocolate tour, hiking, a hot air balloon ride if I wasn’t so scared of heights. and karaoke if I didn’t have such a terrible voice!

What’s your favorite date night idea?? Share with me below!

And if you’re looking for any gift ideas for your guy, your girl, or your littles, check out some of my recent gift guides! Valentine’s Day might be one of my favorites to shop for because everything is just so dang cute!

Happy Monday everyone!!


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