How I’ve Been Feeling About Pregnancy Lately

January 23, 2019

I'm sharing all my third trimester updates! - M Loves M @marmar

It doesn’t seem like that long ago since I shared my second trimester update, but being well into my third trimester now I wanted to share my third trimester updates on how things have been going lately. I’m hoping some of my fears and concerns will diminish a bit over the next 5-6 weeks. Gosh, can you believe I’m that close to the end??

All m 3rd trimester updates! - M Loves M @marmar My third trimester pregnancy updates! - M Loves M @marmar Maternity sweater dress from All in Favor! - M Loves M @marmar A Nordstrom maternity dress! - M Loves M @marmar I love this Sratherberry bag post! - M Loves M @marmar My neutral maternity outfit! - M Loves M @marmar


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How I’ve Been Feeling About Pregnancy Lately

One of the funny things about being pregnant for the second time is that most of your pregnancy you feel like you totally have things under control. You’re like, “yeah, I’ve done this before. This isn’t anything new. I know what to expect. etc. etc.” If you haven’t guessed, that’s basically been my attitude, especially considering both of my pregnancies have been so similar {but we’re having a girl!}. I pushed off a lot of things because I felt like I had so much time. I found out I was pregnant in June and I was always thinking about how the end of the holidays/start of the new year would mean hustle time. Well, now that the holidays are over, I’m feeling a little stressed about my due date approaching.

Sure, I know what to expect, but maybe that’s what’s making me more nervous? I know what to expect! Labor, the newborn days, the healing of my body. It’s a lot. And this time, I have another little person to worry about. My Augustine. I’m so so worried about how he will take everything, and even though he seems excited, I know his little world is going to change forever. The memories we’ve shared of just the three of us will start to disappear a bit and that makes me cry just thinking about it. I know he’s going to be an amazing big brother but I’ll miss this time of just being with him. And I don’t want him to feel any less loved or cared for so I want to do all that I can to be there for him and help him during this transition. I know so many moms are used to this, but for me, it feels a little scary. So instead of looking towards my due date with a lot of excitement, I feel like I’m also dreading it a bit. I know that might sound terrible and while I love this little baby in my belly so incredibly much, I just don’t know if I’m really ready for her to me here.

I also feel like I wasn’t totally prepared for the newborn days with Augustine. While I did prenatal yoga 3x a week and read books about pregnancy, labor, and breastfeeding, I didn’t read about best practices when the baby arrived. This might have been my downfall when it came to establishing a healthy sleep routine. Now I’m trying to educate myself so that I can do things a bit differently. I know every baby is so so different but if any of you have any tips that worked, especially for adjusting babies to daytime and nighttime, and setting up a sleep routine, let me know.

Another thing is that I basically don’t have anything ready for the baby! I need to go through Augustine’s clothes and pull out all his gender-neutral newborn clothes, buy a diaper pail, and DIAPERS {looooots of diapers}, install the infant car seat, prep my labor bag, etc. In a way, I feel like I was more prepared as a first-time mom {I even had prepped meals and lactation cookies in the freezer!}, and maybe I was a little less stressed because I didn’t know what was about to happen. Can you tell I’m a little overwhelmed? One thing at a time. It’s a good thing I have 5.5 weeks left. I’m going to need it! {watch, I hope I didn’t just jinx myself!}

For comparison, here are me third trimester updates from my pregnancy with Augustine! So interesting right?? And for any expectant moms like me, you’d probably love this post from my last pregnancy on superfoods to eat while pregnant. Really they’re healthy foods for everyone to enjoy!

Are any of you pregnant right now? How are you feeling? Anyone else have any third trimester updates to share? If you’re a new mom, I’d love to know any favorite products you’ve been relying on too!! I’m sure some things have changed in 2.5 years!


photos by Priscilla Frey