Corinna’s 9 Month Update

December 16, 2019


My baby's 9 month update! - M Loves M @marmar

This little lady is 9 months old! For some reason, this feels like such a big milestone for us. I’m guessing it’s because I carried her in my belly for 9 months so it’s been 9 months in and 9 months out. While some might say it seems like she’s been here forever, I honestly feel like I just had her. Time has been flying but I’ve been really loving this stage that we’re in. It’s getting a little easier but also a little harder as well. Such is the story with motherhood, I guess! Here’s Corinna’s 9 month update:

My baby's 9 month update! - M Loves M @marmar A baby progress report! - M Loves M @marmar 1st year baby changes! - M Loves M @marmarCorinna’s 9 Month Update


16 pounds 9 ounces

26 inches tall (she’s a petite little thing even though I don’t realize it!)


This girl is so so sweet and has such a calm temperament. She’s also pretty quiet. One way that she’s a little different than Augustine is that she can wake up and just be calm in her crib looking around and playing with her lovey. Augustine would make it KNOWN that he was awake right away! She’s very go with the flow, though. and only now that she’s crawling is she really wanting to get down on the ground more. Most of the time I feel like she just wants me to hold her until she’s practically diving out of my arms to get down. I feel like as soon as I put her down she’ll beeline so fast over to the stairs so I feel like I always have to be right beside her. She definitely doesn’t understand that she could bonk her head on something and even though she sits up really well, I’m not 100% confident that she might not fall over.  So for me, it’s been a lot of watching and protecting lately. She’s in a little bit of a Mama phase right now and even though she absolutely loves being with Matthew, she’ll oftentimes just push her body towards me when he’s holding her, or crawl to wherever I am. The way she lights up when she sees me and bounces excitedly makes me so happy! I love this sweet girl and can’t wait to see more of her personality unfold.


Crawling has obviously been a big one! While Augustine did mainly army crawling, she’s on all fours moving around. She can easily go from crawling to sitting and just last week she was able to pull herself up over the step up. And when I was spotting her, she crawled up the stairs all by herself! She’s definitely a determined little thing. I hear that with second kids, they are just trying to keep up with their older siblings. That doesn’t surprise me because I already feel like that’s what happening with Corinna. I’m wondering when she’ll start to walk! No rush though!!

She still has 6 teeth (4 on top and 2 on the bottom) and we’re waiting on more! I feel like four came in pretty quickly around 6-7 months. Luckily teething hasn’t affected her too badly…at least not yet (fingers crossed!).


While she is pretty content just hanging out with me, she’s also been fascinated with all of Augustine’s trucks and cars. They’re learning how to share right now which has been kind of funny to watch! We have this little set of stacking cups and she loves to grab them, bang them on the ground, throw them, and then crawl after them. She’s partial to the orange one! In terms of stuffed animals, she seems to like this fancy swan. One of Augustine’s old toys that she likes is the top of this musical table. That keeps her busy and amused!


We didn’t introduce solids right away at 6 months because I don’t think she was ready but I think we did it around 7 months. So, since the last update, eating has been a big milestone. She had an egg yolk for the first time the other day per our pediatrician’s recommendation and luckily didn’t have any reaction. Even still, I made sure to test it on a weekday morning when I knew I could get into the doctor if needed. Same goes with a little peanut butter mixed with banana and some water.

I’m still nursing her every 3-4 hours and feeding her meals in between. Our pediatrician suggested offering her solids before/after breastmilk, so I’m going to try that. In general, though, she has a good appetite but will let me know when she’s all done eating. We taught Augustine the “more” and “all finished” American Sign Language signs so we’re teaching those to Corinna as well.


We struggled so so hard with the 8 month sleep regression. There were several nights where Corinna would just wake up every 2-3 hours, and then not calm or fall back asleep easily. It was so hard! There was one night where I brought her downstairs with me and tried again in an hour because it was too much. Luckily (knock on wood!) the last 2 nights, she’s only been up once. She was a great sleeper before, so hopefully we’ll get back there soon!


Since she’s so mobile, and also still learning about dangerous areas, I’ve really relied on our Playard. I didn’t use it that often with Augustine but with Corinna, it’s been so helpful. She won’t stay in there for that long, but if I give her some fun toys it will keep her entertained while I’m making meals or handling a situation with Augustine. I got this one with Augustine and have LOVED how easy it is to set up and takedown.

I’m still using my Baby Bjorn carrier but I feel like it’s getting a little less comfortable for me as she’s getting bigger. I got this ring sling from Sakura Bloom in flax because I thought it would be perfect over holiday dresses! Will keep you posted if I find another carrier I like!

We got the Bugaboo Ant Travel Stroller with the Ride-Along Board/Seat and I LOVE it! The quality is so great and I love how smooth it rides. I just have to watch my foot placement when I’m walking because of the board, but I don’t think there’s a way to get around that. It collapses like a little origami puzzle so it would be ideal for traveling!!

Corinna is using Augustine’s high chair (the Tripp Trapp from Stokke) but it works! I really love that high chair and how it can even be used as they get older. It also comes in a bunch of color options so it’s perfect if you have a preference!

When teething does make her uncomfortable, a teething necklace gives her a lot of comfort. And I appreciate that she can chew on my necklace and not me for a change!


We are definitely settling more into a routine around here and I get so much joy from spending my days with these two. Even though I LOVE being their mom, I have to say it is HARD right now. I feel like I’m in a stage with Augustine where I’m trying to help guide him and help him make good decisions, and with Corinna, I’m doing the same (but for her little 9 month old self). At the end of most days, I’m just flat out exhausted and wanting a glass of wine and some sort of sweet. {Lately, I’ve been making s’mores and they are so dang good! Which reminds me.. I think I need a dessert break while writing this post} It’s been hard to balance work and family, and also just find a minute or two for myself. Between taking care of them, making meals, cleaning up and doing household chores, I have a lot less time for the other things. I’ve been trying to be more selective with how I’m spending my time and stay focused, but it’s also hard when I have such little free time. I feel like I want to be productive but then I also want to veg out on the couch. I know it’s just the season of life right now and it will change before I know it so I’m just trying to give myself grace during this whole process and accept that I can’t do it all. I just have to choose wisely and embrace the chaos!

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My sweater . jeans .

Corinna’s outfit . bow .

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