The Decor Items I’ve Loved Most in Our Home

June 18, 2020


Here are some of my favorite home pieces! - M Loves M @marmarOne of the things I get so excited about is home decor! I follow lots of interior designers on Instagram, and I regularly go through a rabbit hole on Pinterest. There’s just so much good inspiration out there and being a homebody, I love to do what I can to make our house feel as comfy and homey as possible! Since most of us have been spending a lot of time in our homes these days, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite pieces that I’ve absolutely loved. They are pieces that I’ll look at while walking through the house that will just make me smile – starting with the comfiest bed pillow that I recommend to everyone! Ok, let’s get to it! Here are my favorite decor items that I’ve loved most over the years.

Here are my most loved decor items! - M Loves M @marmar

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The Decor Items I’ve Loved Most In Our Home


Who doesn’t love a perfectly comfy pillow!? I love these memory foam hypoallergenic pillows from Coop because they are sooo comfortable! Cover those comfy pillows with your favorite sham for an easy upgrade. I think a cute pillow sham and a couple of throw pillows really tie the whole bedroom together!

Here are some of my favorite home decor items! - M Loves M @marmarHere are my most loved home decor items! - M Loves M @marmar

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Towel Set

I love these personalized towels from a company called Weezie! They are super soft and the process of customizing the towels was so fun, not to mention they make a great gift! This stonewashed waffle towel is another great choice. They have a unique texture, while being super soft, and are at a good price point.

Here are some of my favorite decor items! - M Loves M @marmar

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My goal for the dining room was to create a beachy and coastal feel, and this chandelier with wooden beads really helped complete the look and set the tone for the space, plus it’s such a gorgeous statement piece! The chandelier is by Regina Andrew Design.  I’d eyed their pieces for years and knew this would be something I’d have and love for years to come!


Wooden Dining Room Table

This 1900s Boulangerie dining table has such a lovely antique feel! I love the time-worn look, which conveniently hides marks and damage easily. It comes in neutral, grey, and coffee, all of which are so pretty!

Here are my most loved home decor items! - M Loves M @marmar

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Woven Baskets

These woven baskets are not only functional for storage, but they added the perfect finishing touch when we re-did our kids’ bathroom design {check out the post here!}. You guys know I’m a fan of the woven and straw look and these baskets definitely go with that trend! In my opinion, you can never have too many baskets!

Here are some of my favorite home decorations! - M Loves M @marmar

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Bar Cart

I think that this bar cart is just the cutest piece of decor! The handwoven texture makes it look so chic, and it has little wheels on the bottom so it moves around the room easily. When the kids get a little bigger, I’ll include some glasses on here, but for now this set up seems to work best for busy little hands! FYI, this pretty woven bar cart from Anthropologie is on sale right now!


Fiddle Leaf Tree

Our Fiddle Leaf tree has been a good plant to us! While at one point I thought I killed it {oops!}, I luckily was able to revive it and it’s been thriving ever since! I love adding plants around the house because they bring a natural element to a space. If you don’t have a green thumb though, this fiddle leaf tree looks so real and is a great price. Might be worth the headache of “does it need more water, less water, more sunshine, less sunshine, do these leaves look droopy, too brown. Is it even alive?” etc. etc.


Gray Malin Positano Print

What’s the next best thing compared to actually being in Italy? Having a picture of it in your house, lol! Okay maybe not, but I seriously love this Positano print. Whenever I look at it, I think about our honeymoon and the great adventures we had on the Amalfi Coast. I’m such a fan of Gray Malin’s work and I’m always finding new prints of his that I love!


Brass Candlesticks

I think brass candlesticks are such a cool piece of decor I love the way they look on the top of my bar cart or dining room table because they seem so classic and glamorous!

Here is some home inspiration! - M Loves M @marmar

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Anthropologie Mirror

I wanted this Anthropologie mirror for sooo long, and I was so happy when I finally splurged on it during a Black Friday sale! It’s vintage-inspired and is the perfect statement piece to put on top of the fireplace.

Do you guys have any go-to decor pieces? I’m always looking for some good new staples to add to the mix!


Here are my most loved decor items! - M Loves M @marmar