Lately I’ve Been…

August 7, 2018


This off the shoulder polkadot dress is too cute! | M Loves M @marmar

Hi friends! I love doing these posts and it’s been awhile since I’ve given you some updates! Keep reading to learn everything I’ve been doing and loving lately. Including the details on all the polkadot prints I’ve been wearing this season!

A black and white polkadot printed dress from Topshop. | M Loves M @marmar All the polkadot prints please! Especially if they are off the shoulder! | M Loves M @marmar A pretty off the shoulder polkadot dress! | M Loves M @marmar I love this black and white dress! | M Loves M @marmar

Lately, I’ve Been…

watching Victoria! Season 1 is on Amazon Prime and it came highly recommended by my mother-in-law. I’m a huge fan of British shows, like Downton Abbey, and I love that this show chronicles 18-year-old Victoria taking the throne. I’m also all caught up with Younger and I can’t wait for tonight’s episode. Are any of you watching a good show?

reading Give Me Your Hand by Megan Abbott. This thriller is set in a post-doc lab where two former friends are reunited and forced to deal with the dark secret that tore their friendship apart in high school. It’s a book about friendship and mystery, and so far I am loving it!

eating leftover corn soup! If you need any ideas for what to make this week, here’s what we’re having for dinner each night. There’s also a handy printable grocery list!

wearing All the polkadots! Can you all tell I’ve been obsessed? Between this cute red polkadotted top, and this more subtly printed dress, I’m so hooked! And of course, I can’t forget this beyond unique style! Polkadot prints are one of my favorite styles {you can look way back for proof!}, so I’m really happy to be finding them all over the place. I love this classic black and white dress because it’s been keeping me cool during this SoCal heatwave!

looking for more Italian-inspired items, like the ones I shared in my July Edit. All of them are still in stock so I will definitely be picking up a few of those items. This leopard-print wrap dress is my favorite piece. I’ll be sharing how I wear animal prints on the blog soon!

thinking about planning a few trips! We’re heading to Lake Tahoe in September and I can’t wait to visit with Augustine for the first time. I grew up going every summer because my grandma had a house up on the lake {that my Grandpa built for her!}. So many of my fondest childhood memories involve that icy blue water surrounded by dense pine trees. I only wish we lived closer to visit all the time! Here is a post from our last visit.

listening to Janet Lansbury’s parenting podcast “Restful Parenting.” I always get such great ideas from her. The last episode I was listening to was about potty training, or toilet learning as she likes to say. Augustine isn’t anywhere close to being ready yet so it was good encouragement to wait until he’s ready. I really want to pick up one of her books, “Elevating Child Care: A Guide to Respectful Parenting,” and “No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline without Shame.” If you have any experience with either of these books, or have another recommendation for me, I’m all ears!

planning Augustine’s 2nd birthday party! I can’t even believe that they’ll be two in less than a month. While some days seems looooong, these past two years have really flown by. My little baby is now a toddler. We’re planning a party with a construction truck theme because he is obsessed! I have some cute ideas for food {all taken from Pinterest!}, but now I’m just trying to lock in some fun activities. I’m used to parties where it’s all about eating and drinking, but I forget I need to think of some ways to entertain these kiddos! If you have any ideas, let me know! Right now, I’m considering pin the tire on the tractor, and maybe a coloring station with outlines of trucks. This week, my big job is to send out the invites. I got the cutest invites from my sister-in-law’s Etsy shop!

loving how our house is coming together! I’m hoping to shoot a Home Tour video on YouTube soon. Are you subscribed? It’s amazing how much we’ve done in the past year since we moved in. Sure, there are things I would change and redo if we could, but it’s been fun to work on projects here and there. Did you see the updates we made to our bedroom? Stay tuned for our finished dining room later this week!


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I hope you all enjoyed this post! Would love any updates from you that you’re willing to share! It’s always so fun getting to know you all better. This Instagram post from last week was one of my favorites, and now I just want to call you all by your nicknames!


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photos by Priscilla Frey