How to Pack Lightly for the Beach with a Family

July 9, 2019


How to pack lightly for the beach! - M Loves M

We’ve been planning lots of beach days since the weather has finally warmed up and after a few trips, I’ve realized just how much stuff we have to bring with us. Between the diaper bag and towels and chairs, and oh yeah the two kids, I feel like it’s almost impossible to make just one trip from the car to sand. I do have some tips though for how to pack lightly for the beach – or somewhat lightly I should say! Whether you’re a mama or not, hopefully these tips will help you streamline your operation!

How to pack a family beach bag! - M Loves M How to pack a family beach bag! - M Loves M

How to Pack Lightly for the Beach with a Family


top . shorts . sandals {similar more affordable option!} . coin necklace . pendant necklace . bag . lipstick in Rebound .

When we’re just trying to take the essentials, we skip the chairs and opt for the beach tent. With a little baby, sun protection is a must, especially since babies under 6 months old aren’t even supposed to wear sunscreen. We like this beach tent because it’s easy to carry and also pop up. Back in the day though, we’d take these beach chairs with us and carry them as backpacks.

Towels are a must have and I love these ones from Serena & Lily. Blue is usually my go-to but I love the yellow also! Oh and how fun is this beach towel with tassels?!

I like to wear a casual beach outfit like this one. The top and shorts can easily transition to after beach errands.  This coverup has also been a favorite lately!

I’ve been loving taking this bag to the beach because the sand falls right out! It’s one of my pet peeves to get a bunch of sand in a bag and not be able to get it out. I use a small pouch, like this one, to corral smaller items!

When it comes to sunscreen I apply before we get to the beach, and then after any water time. This is my go-to sunscreen moisturizer because of how well it works with makeup on top. It doesn’t cake at all! I also really like this body sunscreen.

I try to plan our beach day to not interfere with lunchtime because that’s just too much to bring along with us. We’ll usually head to the beach for a few hours in the morning and then eat when we get back. Augustine doesn’t really snack that much when we’re out and about but bringing apple slices, cubed cheese and cucumber slices always go over well. I like that these are snacks I don’t have to worry about finding a trashcan for later. We brought whole tangerines one time because I thought that would be easy {no knife or bag needed} and then I had all these peels to throw out.

Lately I’ve been loving packing a small backpack for Augustine with his favorite beach toys. It helps me out because it’s not something I have to carry! He’ll put in some of his trucks and then I also add his towel and water cup.

I’m sure we’ll pick up more tips for how to pack lightly for the beach after the season is over so I’ll add to this post. If you have any tips for me, I’d love to read them!


If you’re curious, this is what I used to pack in my beach bag before I had kids!


photos by Vanessa Lentine

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