My Fall Trends Wishlist

October 5, 2018


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It probably comes as no surprise that fall is one of my favorite times of year to shop! After keeping it super casual all summer, it’s fun to dress up a little in the fall. One of my favorite things to do each summer is to create a seasonal wishlist of trends that I’m loving. Did you catch my summer trends wishlist? I heard from so many of my readers that they loved this tank top and luckily it’s still available in three shades! Keep reading to find out why the above styles made my fall trends wishlist!

My Fall Trends Wishlist

Suede Coat

Doesn’t suede just scream fall? Suede can get expensive, but this coat is faux suede and is such a great deal! I also love that it’s on the lighter side since our falls don’t get super cold. It would be a great transitional piece at the end of winter too!

Knee High Boots

I really love the idea of wearing knee high boots with skirts and dresses. This burgundy shade seems like a fun update since usually my boots are tan, brown, or black only!

Statement Earrings

I was all about the statement earring this summer and I want to keep the trend going strong! I really love this rich combo of tortoise shell and jewel tones. What a fun way to dress up a basic fall outfit!

Colorful Belt

I’m really drawn to neutral shades in the fall and find myself wearing a lot of black, cream, and tan. Which is why I felt a colorful belt would be a fun way to bring a little color into my fall wardrobe. This dusky pink shade doesn’t feel like too far of a jump from my neutral color palette!

Luxe Clutch

You’ve probably noticed that I am loving all the luxe fall accessories available right now! I have a lot of bigger bags, but wanted a glamorous clutch for upcoming holiday parties. I feel like this velvet number fits the bill!

Oversized Scarf

On my recent trip to NYC I realized that while I had cute scarves, I didn’t have a super big and cozy one to wear on the plane. Fall seems like a good time to stock up on cute options!

Cream Knit Sweater

Is is safe to say that cream knit sweaters are a fall staple? Seriously, every fall my Insta feed is filled with chunky knits! I love that this version is cotton. Wool and cashmere can be a little too hot sometimes in the fall, so this sweater feels like the right fit!


Again with the tortoise shell! It’s such a pretty material for fall and it really dresses up these basic booties!

Leopard Print Skirt

I think that the leopard print trend we saw this summer is here to stay. Doesn’t it seem like more of a better fit for fall anyways? I’m planning on pairing this skirt with chunky sweaters for a cozy, but still dressy look.

Fur Vest

I’ve been wanting a fur vest for a while now (FAUX fur of course!) and I was so excited when I found this one for under $50. I really like the muted color and that it’s a simple cut. I think it would look so cute with jeans and a sweater!

Fall Inspired Candle

And of course allll the fall scented candles are on my list! How can you resist all the pumpkin, spicy, and baking inspired scents that are available right now? You can’t!


Is there anything on your wishlist that should be on mine? Are there certain fall trends you can’t get enough of? I’d love to hear what you must have this fall! For more fall trends, keep checking my shop pages, which I update every week! I especially love all the great deals on the “Under 100″ page! I also found dozens of really cute fall shoes for under $100!